I'm just going to leave these here…

*All images are from the DC2 Beta and are subject to change.

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  1. hahaha looking forward to it!

  2. lol²

    When is it coming out? If this has been stated before, please forgive me, since it has bee a long time I last came here.

    Loved the “dirty talk”.

  3. Who’s “you”? Unless there’s some joke about Yoshiyuki being a “wife”… Maybe I’m overthinking this. >_>

    And poor Koko. She can’t ever keep up with Anzu/Akane’s pace. XD

  4. That’s a pretty great little scene. If the VN is filled with cool little moments like that, I’m sold!

  5. *¬*
    So perfect at all *o*

  6. Scenes like this make me wish Akane’s story was in DCII (vanilla) instead of Minatsu’s…

  7. picture #4 , i have to agree on that statement 100%

  8. Nice classic moment .

  9. Another great thing I’ve noticed is four different images of Akane, one for each line in the dialog. Considering beautiful chardesign such generosity makes me happy.

  10. Yep. Those two just looooooooooooooooooooove cockte-…

    … I mean, poking fun at Yoshiyuki.

    Good thing Anzu’s a winnable in vanilla DCII and Akane’s in the PC/PS versions.

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