Tester’s Corner: DCIF Ed. Vol 6.

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When I started testing this game, I felt a bit worried about not understanding many parts of it since I didn’t read the original Da Capo. But to be honest, while I felt lost sometimes, I understood the game quite well and got the theme behind it easily.

While DCIF is rather archtypical as a bishoujo game, some things about it surprised me.

The way the story is centered on Kotori and the way it is built up can be seen as crude, unnecessarily dramatic or even cruel. But you’ll see what I mean when I say someone must be hit really hard sometimes to recover their senses. Just mentioning the main message of the game is kinda spoilerrific, so I’ll refrain from saying more in regards to this.

I’m not sure if I’d be able to give a sensible review on the characters since it’s the first contact I had with the series, so I’ll stay with how they evolve here. There were… a couple of things that caught me off guard regarding some characters’ identities (as in, when re-testing the game, I was like “come on, I feel stupid, how come I couldn’t get the hints when they were so obvious?”). The female characters are adequately adorable and the Jun’ichi-Suginami-Kudou trio is assured healthy fun.

DCIF accomplishes its function as non-ero bishoujo game. Lighthearted and not complicated love story, simple yet touching message and heartwarming scenes in that wonderful period of life that is school.

Don’t expect more. Don’t expect less.

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  1. the last 4 lines really made me wonder about this…

    • It’s just what was already seen on Da Capo, but centered around Kotori, and dedicated to her fans. It didn’t revolutionize the genre, but at the same time, it wasn’t a bad thing.

      • I understood what it was saying fine, I was just saying it made me wonder.

      • It’s because it’s a port from the Playstation 2 version who released only in Japan,in fact DC IF who never been released to PCs(Isto eh pq esse DC IF eh port da versão de Playstation 2 que soh foi lançada no Japão,na verdade DC IF nunca foi lançado pra PCs) u.u

        • Nintendo Maniac 64

          Actually DCIF did get an adult PC port, but was made a year after the PS2 version (AKA the opposite order of most VNs)

          However it would seem that MG’s version is the non-adult edition, which would technically make this VN an English-language exclusive on the PC.

          Info source: http://vndb.org/v1708

          • heh that’s actually not bad. we need some exclusives for once…even if its only exclusive for a little while.

          • So why who I’m shout that MG’s version is the PS2 version u.u
            I’m modified a little bit in the source because much information was so wrong u.u

  2. Having just finished Kotori’s route I’m a bit curious; do Kotori’s two friends have any part in the story and do they get their own sprites in this game?

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