Lately things are changing…

A lot has been going on here at MangaGamer, and we’re almost ready to show it off!

First of all is Da Capo Innocent Finale. Our scripters are putting the final touches on it now, so it should be out by around the end of this month. (A proper announcement will be made when the date is actually set.) But what does this mean, you ask? Well, DCIF will mark the first game seeing release under the new system  and the staff involved in it. It will mark the first release to have undergone editing by our new, native-English speaking Editor! (So long as you consider British English to be native English…) Though he has worked on other games before now, such as Koihime Musou, Guilty, and others, DCIF will be the first release  to meet your eyes.

Furthermore, as you’ve probably already guessed from the Tester’s Corner, DCIF will be the first release to have underwent testing and further revisions prior to release. I’d like to thank them all myself, because it’s been pretty amazing to see just how much the 8 of them caught during this process.

What this all really means is a complete farewell to the older days of Engrishy releases. There shall be none of that from any of our releases henceforth. (Though granted, our games already released that way will remain on sale. We haven’t decided when or if we will go back and fix them, but that will likely depend on when or if we ever get the budget and interest to do so.) So if any of you have been holding your doubts about purchasing our games due to quality concerns , allay those fears and try one of our upcoming releases. I would gladly recommend any of them, though which one in particular is ultimately a matter of your tastes.

On that note, our testers our currently pushing their way through the second half of Da Capo 2 so we can try to get it out for all of you to enjoy by Christmas. That way you too can spend Christmas with Anzu, Nanaka, or your particular girl of choice. Also, in following with the spirit of Christmas, we will have a few bits of good news coming up in December, so stay tuned to our twitter and our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on the holiday spirit!

In other, more work related news, progress on ef -the first tale is moving fairly well. NNL has been very thorough and meticulous on the revised scripts they’ve presented us, so even those of you who already played it once before may enjoy the updated version when we release it. I know I’m proud to see what they’ve presented. And yes–ef the first tale and ef the latter tale will be released separately at separate times.

I’m still grinding away at Edelweiss‘s re-translation, trying to help Haruka and hoping the other routes don’t take me this long. On that note, those following Bamboo’s twitter may have already caught it, but OVERDRIVE is planning to release Edelweiss on the iPhone as well. So, once the re-translation is done, perhaps an English version won’t be out of the question. Furthermore, we will be putting out a Trial Version of Edelweiss with the new translation soon enough–testing for the demo is already underway.

I’ve also been working on a rather extensive interview with the folks over at Japanator, so look forward to that when it’s finished. As with my other interviews, I’ll make sure to link to it here when it’s ready and posted.

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  1. Hell yeah, go British Editors!

  2. Forget Nanaka, she’s a home-wrecking whore!

    Koko all the way!

  3. Figured the reason you guys have been quiet for the past few days was because the finishing touches were being put to IF. Looking forward to its release

  4. Oh yeah, anyone here know what’s up with the changing picture? As in what game it’s from (hidden image kinda makes me think of Higurashi)

  5. I sure am glad MangaGamer has a native-English speaking editor now. I can’t wait to see the improvement in the game text. The new editor ought to take a look at some of the text on the website and on the emails that the website sends out. When I signed up for a new account and purchased a game, I thought the English text welcoming me to the site, thanking me for my purchase, and instructing me on how to use the activation code was all very unnatural. The emails corresponding to each of those events have the same problem. Many users see this text before ever actually playing a game, so I think that text should be modified to sound like native English in order to instill confidence in the games. Even worse, the email I got when I signed up told me that MangaGamer releases 2 new Bishoujo games every month…and I know that just isn’t true most of the time.

  6. oh, british english? this explains a few things.

    • Yes, it’s nice to finally have proper English being used for once 😉
      Seriously though, it might stop the annoying instances of “could care less” from cropping up, that doesn’t even make any sense when put into context (I’m looking at you Eiden Fantasia!)

      It’s looking good for Manga Gamer at the moment and, I know this is a very rare occurance as you guys only usually hear from me when complaining about something, but I would like to congratulate the company in their newest step, wish them all the best for the future (I for one am looking forward to their new and future releases) and wish all the staff a productive new year! (rather early I know, but hey might as well stick with the positives for now, eh?)

  7. hey nice work looking forward to DCIF and DC 2 on a side note though just saw a op of a overdrive game on youtube “Deardrops” dont know if you been ask this before butit be wonderfull if ya did that game it came off to me as kira kira’s second coming

  8. I enjoyed Edelweiss. So if Overdrive releases an iOS port (with no adult content), then I’d be interested in an English version.

    That said, I’m not sure whether visual novels in English are more profitable on PCs or iTunes. One of the few Japanese companies that’s released several VNs on iOS is Nail (Present for You, 3-days Marriage, and more). The products are published by Daidai Inc.

  9. Will the 2nd Da Capo game come out before that 2 for 1 coupon expires? I want to use it for Suika A.S and the 2nd Da Capo, so it will be like 70+ bucks for two games.

  10. The new editor that is mentioned, is that exedore_uk on twitter?

  11. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Awww… still no Android love from Japan? 🙁

    Guess they’re lagging a bit behind the US and Korea when it comes to moving on past Apple iDevices…

  12. It’s a good day for Da Capo fans. The Da Capo PSP OVA was just subbed, T.P. Sakura will be out soon, as well as Dream Xmas this Christmas (duh), and of course, MG’s releases.

  13. Anzu is the best of the best, imo.

  14. May these Da Capo releases be successful and mean we get more of the franchise (I’ve developed a softspot for fan disks thanks to you guys) and more Circus games.

    Speaking of Da Capo fan disks, what are the chances of getting this one since apparently it’s out of print:
    And why am I curious about this particular FD? Because, at least by anime rulings (and I’ve found they apply to games quite a bit), onsen episodes = awesome.

  15. Da Capo meh… I tried watching the anime it was painful and everything was overused like.. “Non blood related sister” I face palmed at that moment.


      “Non-blood-related sisters” weren’t as big as they are now back when Da Capo was first released, y’know. IMO, Nemu is a fairly early and popular example of the imouto type, considering I always equate the term “Nii-san” to her.

      You’d have a better argument that the series is more aged than unoriginal, considering how long it’s been going on.

      • What are you talking about? They were pretty big back then too.

        • And yet, neither as big nor as overused as they are today.

          Though it would have to depend on just how much is “overused” to you.

          • Okay then.. So whats the excuse for Da capo II. I’m finding it hard to get into both of them. Besides the art…

            I just want the Suika fandisc ._.”

          • As a fan of the Da Capo series, I have a hard time really explaining why I like the franchise. Just judging by how Circus keeps going with it, I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the more popular franchises out there, but people like Naruto too, and that’s a steaming pile…

            At best all I can say is that I really like the deep compelling story it tells. Like the name ‘Da Capo’ infers, the story grows a little more each time you play for another ending. I find the central theme for the games to be a rather wonderful commentary on the human condition and illustrates our constant desire to overcome the imperfections of being human. The entire “trying to bone your non-blood related sister” thing is only skin deep, but is what most people think of when they hear Da Capo.

            I think Da Capo is one of those things you either like or you don’t. I don’t make a point to change people’s minds when they say they don’t like it, because the anime has done such a disservice to a series that really can’t be told in a linear format. With the price tag being what it is, I can’t really tell someone to “play it and you’ll see” and anything short of the entirety will do it no justice.

          • To me Da Capo is a game that essentially makes the best with what it has. I tend to be forgiving about the originality bit as long as the writer succeeds in portraying characters who are both likable and interesting and Da Capo succeeded at that.
            To me though, what I like the best is how well the story and the setting work together. Aside from what gaudy6523 described, I also like that suttle mystery about the supernatural elements of the island and how that somehow is able to make even the oddest things we see in the story seem plausible.
            Also something I must say regarding Da Capo is that thanks to its likable characters and good story, it makes each play through a good read and has yiou eager to read more until the last section of dialogue. This is more than I can say for Kazoku Keikaku, a supposedly top tier game. I started playing these two at about the same time, and I’m nearly finished with Da Capo and am not even halfway through my first route for Kazoku Keikaku. I enjoyed the story and characters for Da Capo enough to keep coming back on a regular basis even if it was just to play for a couple of hours; I enjoyed seeing the characters interact and also how Junichi’s relationship developed with each heroine in her respective route, with the latter though it has been a chore to playthrough as only a few characters are likable or interesting so far and the story has gone no where (at times I wonder if the game even has a plot). Tsukasa’s loner charcter outlook just makes most of the interactions with the other characters fall flat (and have you ever had a character disobey the choice you made for him?). In conclusion I have to say that while Da Capo may not win many points for originality, it succeeds in providing us with an enjoyable story and likable cast and that’s enough to take it a long way, alot further than a game that was apparently rated as one of “greatest of all time”.

          • I enjoyed Kazoku Keikaku. Admittedly, I played one in-game day every day and it took me a month to finish my one and only play-through of the game, but I enjoyed it. It was like watching filler episodes of a slice-of-life anime…and then you bone your sister…or your mother, like in the ending I got…

            Maybe that’s why I never went back…

  16. “Our scripters are putting the final touches on it now, so it should be out by around the end of this month.”

    Wait this month. November….. so in the next ~5 days? Is it really this close?

  17. About Neko Kawaiigari,when MG’s release them in a partnership with Tengu Translations??????

  18. Thank you for all of your hard work, Mangagamer!
    I’m looking forward to Koihime Musou, Guilty, and ef.

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