Koihime Musou: Other Forces

Next up are the other side-or perhaps main?-figures in Koihime Musou!

First up is Kousonsan (Last Name: Kouson, First Name: San, True name: Hakkei). Kousonsan is actually one of the roles in Koihime for which AYA doubled up on playing. You can see information on AYA under her other role of Chouryou.

Kousonsan is a small feudal lord who reigns over the domain directly to the North of Kazuto’s. Early on in the prologue, she works together with him to help Kazuto and his army of recruits fend off the initial attacks of the Yellow Turbans. She’s rather shy, but a very nice, sweet person.

However, while she plays some role in the prologue and the following arc, it isn’t long before she disappears from the playing field.


Next it’s time to introduce the only three men of any importance in the entire game, voiced by the Triforce of Manliness!

The first of these three is Saji. Voiced by “Hyouga Nagare” (which can also be read as Hikaru), his other eroge roles  done under this alias encompass those such as Master Therion in Demonbane, Sakisaka Fuminori from Saya no Uta, and Natsume Kyousuke in Little Busters! and Little Busters! Extasy.


Under his real name, his list of roles is quite massive: In Visual Novels, he’s voiced Shiki of Togainu no Chi, Kunisaki Yukito in AIR, and Yoshino Yuusuke of Clannad; in other games he’s voiced Frionel of Final Fantasy fame, Sanada Akihiko in Persona 3, Akechi Mitsuhide in Samurai Warriors, Zero Lancer in Fate/Unlimited Codes, Rolance in Trails in the Sky, Adell in Dsigea 2, and countless others.


His roles in anime are equally as impressive beginning with Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing, Android #16 in Dragon Ball Z, Taka Sukunami in Fushigi Yuugi, Zelgadiss Graywords in Slayers, to Li Xingke in Code Geass, Lin in Cowboy Bebop, Edgar J. C. Ashenbert in Early and Fairy, as well as a vast number more.

A wielder of Taoist magic, Saji is quite self-confident, enjoys a fight, and seeks to achieve his aims through force.

Saji is a figure shrouded in mystery. His goals, his motives, and much remain unclear.


Next is Saji’s partner in crime, Ukitsu. He is voiced by “Jack Cloud”, or at least that’s the alias this famous man goes under for this game. Through his myriad of other aliases, this man has voiced eroge roles such as  Akita Kazuhiko in our very own Soul Link, a certain Chinese restaurant owner in Family Project, Sagiri Naoya and Ichimonji Takahashi from Muvluv, and several others, though the sound of his voice in BL games such as Animamundi, and Otome games such as Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side has most assuredly left countless women swooning.


In other video games, this man has a list just as if not more impressive than last. From Akasaka Mamoru in Higurashi Daybreak, Kuroi in iDOLM@STER, to Eddie in Guilty Gear XX, Shingo Yabuki in The King of Fighters series, Shuu Shirakawa in the Super Robot Wars series, and many many more.


In anime, his fame is tried and true, voicing everything from sexy roles such as Touga Kiryuu in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Zechs Merquise of Gundam Wing, and Sir Issac of Meine Liebe to complete goofballs such as Ilpalazzo in Excel Saga, Zastin in To LoveRu, and Excalibur in Soul Eater, not to mention any of his other roles such as Neuro in Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro or Ryousuke Takahashi in Initial D.

Unlike his partner, Saji, Ukitsu is very much a plotter and a schemer. He uses a slightly different variety of Taoist magic, with a unique talent for the manipulation of puppets. Despite his gentle appearance, he is a cold, calculating man.

Whatever it is that Ukitsu is plotting together with Saji, it will surely remain unknown until it is already too late.


And saving the best for last, we have Chousen. He is voiced by “Yuunagi Sakumi”, or so his alias for this particular game goes. Also the voice of the father in Family Project, and Morimoto Shigemichi in our very own Soul Link, this man’s voice is so proud and famous, it’s even used in GPS Navigation systems. So instead of listing all the vampires he’s fought, nations he’s conquered or unified, times he’s regenerated or evolved, or butler misfortunes he’s narrated, allow me to demonstrate:



Done? Have you let how powerful and manly the voice is sink in? Good. Now click the audio clips and scroll down.

"Oh, dear! My Lord! You're being such a lovely man again, today! Ahh, oh no, my crotch is aching for you!"

“I’m sure the culprit has taken my string panties and is wearing them to make his dick hard!”

Chousen is a mysterious man of unknown origins who decides to ally himself with Kazuto for… rather obvious reasons.

With macho muscles that’d make any bodybuilder proud, this man is hard gay. After falling in love with Kazuto upon first sight, he follows him back and starts coming and going about the palace and the capital. ?She? treats the girls serving under Kazuto as if they were ?her? real sisters, acting as someone they can talk to, giving them advice, consoling them, and otherwise taking care of them.

The question that remains is “Is there more to this extremely creepy wo/man than there appears to be?”

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  1. Hei! You forget to introduce Riri (Kōchū’s daughter)!

  2. the thong man scares me

  3. Man, as I said before… It really is gonna take some getting used to before I see Chousen as anyone other than Onsokumaru.

  4. And why isn’t that girl(?) on the left introduced?

  5. I wonder if Norio Wakamoto will be playing anyone in the Sengoku Koihime game

  6. a man ? which man ? xD

  7. Finally we get some Big Gay Wakamoto in this!

  8. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Normally I would have been sad that the CG at the end didn’t link a full 800×600 PNG, but in this case I think I’m glad it doesn’t. 😛

  9. ^

    Oh, Chousen from “Others” Faction, also named as “Diao Chan” in Romance of 3 Kingdoms. The one i was refering to is her: http://www.animecharactersdatabase.com:81/images/koihimemusou/Chouun.jpg

    • Ah, okay. Well, that’s not who I meant. ^^
      After all, we were commenting on THIS “Other Forces” blog post and are talking about “the last cg” where “Chousen lifts a rock”… =)

      Chouun does look interesting too, though.

  10. Oh, Diao Chan, look at what they turned you… Why is she, well, he in the Shu side? The original Diao Chan was Lu Bu girlfriend, right? hummm….

    Man, I hope MG gets the rights to give us the voices…
    I love Koyasu voice acting! He’s awesome!

  11. Wakamoto is just so awesome. He makes everything he’s in epic. Even if it’s only “okay”, if he comes into the picture, it automagically becomes awesomeness personified. FUCK YEAH, CHOUSEN!

  12. Kousonsan seems good. I don’t remember her from the trial. But i would like to change some of the girls routes for one of her.

  13. I’m guessing Kousonsan doesn’t have any ero scenes in this game, does she?

  14. Is it just me or is Kousonsan’s voice different from in the anime?

  15. You know, alot of people may disagree with me but I actually am more interested in hearing Hikaru Midorikawa and Takehito Koyasu in this a bit more then Wakamoto. Why? Because it’s nostalgic to see them in something together again. Seriously back when I was getting into anime, most of what I watched had them both in it. I’ll list some:
    Slayers: Zelgadiss and Rezzo
    Fushigi Yugi: Tamahome and Hotohori
    Gestalt: Shazan and Olivier
    Gundam Wing: Heero and Zechs
    Saber Marionette J: Faust and Hanagata
    Weiss Kreuz: Schuldig and Ran/Aya

    On a side note, I’m kind of surprised Midorikawa’s not doing Ukitsu’s voice since he played a very similar role in the aforementioned Weiss Kreuz.

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