Guilty: The Guys


Now that we’re familiar with Akatsuki City, it’s time to take a look at some of its residents…

AkiraOur hero, Akira Kamijo, is a meek, middle of the road student who suddenly finds himself surrounded by hot girls who want to shag him heavy smoking, whiskey drinking (the good stuff only please – seriously) punk with a severe case of depression. Because of his tough guy exterior, the girls swoon over him despite how difficult he is to approach. Once someone gets past his shell, however, Akira proves a fiercely loyal and protective friend. Coupled with his love of street fighting (it helps him work through issues), Akira’s halfway prepped for the challenges that are about to face him.

In addition to his current issues (not least of which is a clingy little sister), Akira also suffered a mysterious and tragic accident when he was young, requiring him to take a year off from school. When not studying or beating up thugs, Akira works in the kitchen at Da Noi with his uncle.

Uncle KamijoUncle Kamijo is awesome. No, seriously, he is. Besides teaching Akira to drink on Glenlivet, he runs the Da Noi restaurant and accepts the weirdness surrounding him with a heartfelt sense of maturity, including the good sense to stand back and let the professionals handle things when events get out of hand and Demons are invading his restaurant. Any discussion requiring a serious man to man talk is done over booze in his house. Eroge genuinely need more secondary characters like this.

ShiroShiro is one of your best friends and the game’s comic relief. A randy bisexual, Shiro clearly has high standards and tastes in women, but none of the girls at the Academy seem to meet his specifications, and who needs them anyway when someone as perfect as Soichiro is around? As a fellow member of the art club and your class, Shiro is an eternal joker and class clown who gets his kicks from mocking the girls, feeling up Soichiro, and causing havoc. The only person who can keep him in line is Yukari-sensei, but that’s for another post.

SoichiroSoichiro is your other best friend. Despite being exceptionally talented and the top student in the class, Soichiro prefers to stay out of the limelight, offering his assistance and support in the background. Polite, considerate, and mature for his age, Soichiro is everything Shiro is not, making him ideal boyfriend material.

Left: Keith, Right: Mick

Mick (the friendly looking black dude) and Keith (the one who looks like he’s about to beat you up and get his rape on) are spoilers. Seriously. Telling you anything other than that they exist would ruin the surprises.

Next time: The girls

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  1. “Mick (the friendly looking black dude) and Keith (the one who looks like he’s about to beat you up and get his rape on)”

    i kinda lold

  2. the protag seem better than most of the pussies in other english market bishojo games

  3. Definitely looking forward to this now.

  4. The correct term is African american!

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      They can’t be african american if this is in, oh I don’t know… JAPAN!

      To quote the strangely wise Yuuko: “It’s only a problem if you make it be one.”

      In other news…MG, I love my PNGs, but if you’re gonna use them at LEAST compress at level 9. I was able to cut some of those down by nearly 100KB at times, and that’s without using any fancy PNG size crushers.

      • I think fujifruit was joking. Parodying the overly racism-conscious people from America.

      • I had to sit and click through the game for a couple hours just to take the screencaps. Forgive me if I got lazy and just went with my screencapping widget’s defaults.

        Maybe I should use GIF’s next time…

  5. Heh, I love the strike-through!

    However, I still don’t think I’ll get this game. It’s just not my cup of tea =(

  6. I’m normally only into comedys, (Suck my Dick or Die general suckyness kinda turned me off to all other genres -_-) but i have to say this is looking more and more interesting.

  7. Come to think of it, Akira does sort of fit the bill for a hero from one of Go Nagai’s works, making my initial impressions even more likely.

  8. Black dude ftw.

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