Tester's Corner: Kara no Shoujo Ed. Extra

At first we only had Tim’s Corner, so I decided to step up to the plate and write a little something myself as well. Now, with the trial out and only 9 days left before the game goes on sale, enjoy our final corner.

First off, it’s very difficult to discuss Kara no Shoujo without spoiling this game. The scenario is very well written with hints and clues laid out, all leading in the right direction, but still able to be misinterpreted. I can already imagine that once this game releases, visiting VN forums without having played it will be like going to an anime forum without ever having watched Madoka. I would love to show you the relationship diagram between characters, but this is the best I can do without spoiling anything:

By the end of the game there is absolutely no white space here at all.

As for the voices, I’m a bit of a VA fan myself, but I can honestly say the only time I missed them was during the moaning in sex scenes on my second play-through, because during my first play-through I was so gripped by the story I wanted to move on to the next line as soon as possible, just to get that much closer to solving the mystery. As for the BGM and artwork, they truly are worth the awards they were given. The soundtrack really brings out the atmosphere, both of the mellow, somber days, and of the tense, suspenseful moments. Not to mention the unique sounds of hacking flesh juxtaposed against sawing through bone. Sugina Miki’s artwork is highly detailed and absolutely amazing. Just take one look at this scenery and try to say you don’t like it.

Remember this place, it's more important than you may think.

If you enjoyed detective/mystery games like Phoenix Wright, or horror/suspense tales like Higurashi as I did, you will absolutely love this work. And if you liked either of those, then I think this is probably the best thing I can say to prepare you for what you’re getting into: “It’s time to take the kid-gloves off. Mommy’s not here to lead you by the hand any more, because she’s dead–together with your lover and your unborn child.”


Clues can be missed, and missing clues can lead to false deductions. What you are able to find, piece together, and whether or not you take action can and will determine if a woman lives, remains in one piece, dies, or if more victims appear. And that’s assuming you don’t cause your own death or mental breakdown. Will you be able to solve the case? To catch the man who murdered your pregnant fiancé?

There are several kinds of endings in this game: Bad Ends, with “Game Over” across the screen; Normal Ends, which simply say end; “Good” Ends, where the credits roll; and the elusive True End, the only end in which the vocal version of the Main Theme plays. While I was able to reach one of the “Good” Ends on my first run through, the key to turning this mystery upside down, and proving what you suspected all along, turns up at the most unlikeliest of times. The best I hint I can give you, is that it lies with a dead Italian and his celestial stars.

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  1. I think I will love the investigation aspect of this game… I am just not a fan of the somber art. The music is indeed very nice, though it is certainly not within my normal tastes.

  2. I played trial and it was really great. I didn’t knew that you could make so many decisions in investigation, I thought there are only notes like in Umineko. Now I can’t stop thinking about it, so many suspects. I can’t wait for release, 9 days seem so long now.

  3. I think this will be the first VN in a long time I’ll play without a walkthrough to enjoy the investigation part of it.

  4. I loved the demo and was taken back by the vast array of options, I can see this being a bugger to complete.

  5. Honestly, I did not mind at all the lack of voices when I played the trial, this reminded me of playing some VNs in the DS, like 999, PW or Hotel Dusk, certainly I just wanted to continue reading and knowing what was going to happen.

  6. This is going to be a long 9 days

  7. gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme >.< I don't want to wait till next week

  8. this looks promising!

    im curious to see if this outsells koihime musou to be honest xD

  9. Hello,
    I found a couple typos while playing through the trial version of the game. Is there some place where I could report these to the staff?

  10. Why no voices again? I will not be buying another MG game without voices; Kohime was very disappointing because it lacked that feature. The Kohime issue has also never been rectified (in spite of MG stating it would patch after 1000+ sales)

    • Manga Gamer said they would patch after 2000 sales, not 1000.

      And don’t pretend like you didn’t find anon’s voice patc…

    • Also, the companies who own the voices wanted money which cost more than the game itself.

      • which is ridiculous and mangagamer is right to not pay any more. They don’t want to make money then fine they won’t.

        I’ll admit I was extremely hesitant about whether I wished to purchase this game or not but after the demo I will definitely be purchasing it it is merely a matter of whether I can afford it this week or next week. The game looks awesome and is a lot more mystery-ish that I first thought.

        love what I’ve seen so far though. So many people will probably die on my first playthrough

    • just go out and find the pirated voice patch like the rest of us

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