Tester's Corner: We Love Master Ed. Vol 2

This time, we bring you another corner from Raptor!

We Love Master….. was quite the experience for me as a tester. Never before had I played an nukige, so when offered to test WLM, I had no idea what to expect.

Well, besides maids.WLM is a nukige, no doubt about that. The game starts off with a blowjob scene, and continues to proceed on that note for the rest of the game.
Unlike my previous testing experience with Koihime Musou, which had 1-3 ero scripts on average for each 4-5 story scripts, WLM displayed the exact opposite.

In WLM, you get maids. Lots of maids. And these maids like you. They like you a lot, and demonstrate so at every turn.
The eroscenes themselves spread a wide variety of…. sexual methods and scenarios.
The characters themselves are varied enough to allow them to satisfy one’s various aesthetic preferences, with more detail to be found in the post a couple months back.The visuals themselves are very crisp. I enjoyed the art style presented, which did well for the various maids encountered through the story.
As far as BGM goes, it is generally unremarkable, because the game aims to appeal to the optical nerves, rather than the auditory.

As one who does not regularly play eroge, let alone nukige, WLM would not have been a title I would have picked up at random. However, after completing it, I would have to say it is a decent eroge, not too long, but with a healthy serving of ero.

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  1. That’s a short Tester’s Corner, but straight to the point. It seems quite a lot of people speak good about the art style. The art style is one of the things that caught my attention as well and is the convincing factor for me to get this game.

  2. This looks definitely like something I should buy and try 🙂

  3. Hmm just wanted to ask if not asked already will the pending game on the website be out during winter? played all the available mangagamer games and now bored to death. had to deal with japanese version of koihime moeshouden and shin koihime.

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