Harem Party: The Girls

There may be some sort of clue in the title, but it feels like there should be some girls to land in Harem Party. And indeed there are: three routes await with plenty of side quests to keep you…er…occupied.Starting things off is Agnes, Princess of Ardberg and the party’s leader. Resolute, driven by justice, and every bit the good girl, Agnes-chan is here for you to love and join in partnership against the Demon Lord. She’s also got a C-Cup and is after a cuddle as much as your come. In D&D stats, she’s the lawful stupid good character, training you to use the holy sword and abiding primarily by her quest.

Agnes is voiced by Oukawa Mio. While she’s been voicing eroge for over a decade, what most fans are likely to recognize her from is Koihime Musou‘s Bachou.

Agnes’s rival in love is none other than your sister Waka, a domestic goddess who spends plenty of time cooking for all these freeloaders who are daring to take her precious brother away from her. But when the going gets tough, the tough drag their brothers to bed!

Waka is voice by Kono Kanami, whom our regular fans ought to recognize from Conquering the Queen, or as Koihime Musou‘s Enshou.Your next option is Cleo, the fiesty mage. A straight talking tsundere, Cleo’s just as likely to tell you off as the King of Ardberg, let alone the Demon Lord or Sofie and her associates. Boasting a delicious flat chest and a taste for S&M, Cleo certainly offers the most varied options, and heaven help you if you fail to satisfy her – lightning bolts await anyone who gets on her bad side. In D&D stats, Cleo is the chaotic member of your party.

Cleo is voiced by Ariga Momo, another VA who’s been voicing various eroge for nearly a decade now. Some might recognize her voice from X-change 3 or Swan Song.Cleo’s partner in crime is Waka’s best friend Anzu, one year your senior and president sole member of the school’s occult club. Needless to say, as monsters attack and the party fight them off, Anzu gets unusually interested in what’s going on and you can’t shake her off with a stick, a rod, or a pork sword.

And speaking of pork sword’s, those who’ve played Conquering the Queen may recognize Anzu’s VA, Enokizu Mao, who also featured in Guilty.The final member of the party is Sofistia, or Sofie for short. Sofie…is the maximum moe provider. A klutz with big boobs and tear ducts that could irrigate rice farms across Japan, Sofie’s supposed to be a mage, but is really a tribal leader in the forest with a big heart and on the quest because…well…it’s her duty to be good and pure and stand up against evil. She really is lawful stupid in every sense of the term, but on the upside, she does boast a sexual appetite that is voracious at the mildest of times.

Sofie’s voiced by Hosoda Nana, another VA who’s been voicing eroge for nearly a decade now. Though she featured in Izumo 2, many are likely to recognize her voice more from her role as Kouno Harumi in To Heart 2. In addition, she’s also voiced several anime roles such as Negima’s Izumi Ako.Assisting Sofie and desiring you from afar are Nia and Urr, a pair of puppygirls from the forest and Sofie’s assistants. Nia’s a feral wildchild, flying fist first into a fight, while Urr’s the intellectual healer of the group. Both are beyond loyal, but sometimes bros before hos doesn’t apply…

Nia is voiced by Kaneda Mahiru, another VA who’s been voicing eroge for over a decade and has featured in works such as Pia Carrot 3, Kusarihime, Suika (as Inaba Chitose), Love Death, Nursery Rhyme, Seinarukana (as Jatzieta), Shikkoku no Sharnoth, Kana Little Sister, and many others.

Urr is voiced by Isshiki Hikaru, who many should recognize from Conquering the Queen or Koihime Musou if not one of her many other works.

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  1. Sounds great, can’t wait to play this game

  2. “Lawful stupid,” heh, I like that.

  3. Sounds great indeed, a pleasant change from raping your way to the top :p

  4. So wait. By Lawful stupid, do you mean… Actual Lawful Stupid, or Stupid Good?

    There is a difference. At least according to tvtropes.

    For everyone’s reference:

    • In D&D in believe their is a lawful good stereotype for association with a character. They have stupid crossed out so I think they were trying to make a joke like ‘if this was a D&D char they would be described as stupid good, oh wait don’t want to describe it like that so lawful *crossed out stupid* good character type. Could be wrong, that’s how I see it though.

    • She’s a paladin so very much the former.

  5. No route for Waka?


    • Oh, there’s a route for your sister, I just couldn’t show her cuz all the CG of her involve her getting banged. =D

      • well i think you could just to cut her image of the game’s front. Like the one that they are using in the last topic Harem party. Or using the Cg of her in front of The demon lord. Someone used the one with Anzu with him too. So why not?

  6. sounds interesting, looking forward to this X3

  7. Cleo is very far from being flat-chested based on her HCG on getchu, she’s definitely into S&M though

  8. My favorites characters until now are Cleo and waka. Sofistia isn’t bad either.

  9. A tsundere DFC mage with a penchant for BDSM?… NOW you have got my interest in this game.
    P.S. Is Waka blood related or not? *cough*wantssomerealincest*cough*

  10. Tsundere DFC gets my vote!

    Now that you’ve mentioned ToHeart2, when will that title be picked up for an English release?

  11. Yes! Another goofy comedy eroge coming to the english market. This game is a must buy for me ^^

  12. Just curious, is Agnes as funny a character as Bachou?

    • Is almost impossible to surpass Banchou there. She is just too funny. Agnes can be funny sometimes, but not close enoght, even thoght there is a little of banchou in her,

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