Announcements from Katsucon!

So what big announcements did we have to make at Katsucon this year? Well, for those who couldn’t attend the panel, here they are!First and foremost is news you’ve all been waiting for: we have a release date for DEARDROPS! We hope you’re all ready to rock, because you’ll be able to buy this great game in just two weeks, on March 2nd!

5 Days Left
Did we have more news about OVERDRIVE games? Why yes, yes we did. The staff at OVERDRIVE are working hard on the scripting for Dengeki Stryker, and we’re looking to start beta testing the demo by the end of this month, with the full game entering testing by the end of March. With any luck, our testers will blaze through it like fiery heroes and we can present the demo in March/April and the game by May? But will our heroes survive?! Their way lies fraught with cyborgs, ninjas, and evil empires out to conquer the world!! Wait! Is that a robo-cowboy come to their rescue!?

We also unveiled our latest game from SCORE, Magical Teacher, set for release in two months on April 13th! For more information on this title, which one of our testers nicknamed “Magical MILFs” see the announcement post following this one.

But that’s not all! We had another surprise announcement from Nexton, which is the reason we’ve kept our next upcoming hard copy title a secret! What was it? See for yourself here, here, here, here, and here. =D Yes, that’s right! Between everybody who bought our download edition and the distribution order for hard copies, we have successfully cleared 2000 sales for Koihime Musou! After but one last check for errors, everybody who purchased the game previously will get the pleasure of hearing…

Fear not! Masked Butterfly has arrived to free you from this tyrannical silence!

Fear not! Masked Butterfly has arrived to free you from this tyrannical silence!

For those who felt they didn’t have enough time at St. Francesca in Koihime, fans of graceful young maidens will be pleased to know that Harukoi Otome has cleared translation and editing is set to enter scripting in April.

Oh, and one more thing. Actually, two more things.

A while back, Kouryuu posted a couple hints on twitter regarding titles we were hoping to pursue. While we didn’t get one of them, we do have two new titles to announce, and one of them has even started production.

From Caramel Box, we’ve got the trap-tastic Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, aka OtoBoku. When Mizuho’s grandfather demands that you have to attend an all-girl’s school in his will, your childhood friend Mariya once again dresses you up as a woman, and gets you started on your first day at Seiou Girl’s Academy.Β  Though Mizuho hoped to at least make friends, he never expected to become the school’s idol and selected to fill the role of Elder Sister! What trials awake as he tries to hide his secret as the flowers of love take bloom? Some of you may have already seen the anime adaptation (available in North America from Media Blasters), and now you can appreciate the original in all its glory.

Otoboku’s already in translation, so expect news on a release date later this year.


Our second game is undoubtedly one that all our fans can relate to: Eroge from Clock Up. The protagonist has been toiling at his job search long and hard, failing numerous times until he one day gets an interview with the Eroge development studio, “Flower”. Having played over 1000 games himself, his passion for eroge manages to overcome his utter lack of skills, and once hired he quickly realizes the danger Flower faces: the company is staffed entirely by hot women who’ve never even SEEN the male member up close, let alone had sex. It’s up to you to be their model and teach them ins and outs of dicks and sex so they can make the best nukige ever! Because sex and games make the sexiest games! Featuring a tongue-in-cheek look at the industry, fans of titles such as Comic Party will find much to enjoy in Eroge.

Thanks to everybody who attended our panel. For those who couldn’t make it, we’ll see you again this summer!

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  1. The Otoboku license is exciting and the Clock Up title looks delicious. I’m looking forward to both. Also, I’m ecstatic that Koihime is getting a physical release, and it’s nice to see that it’s getting voices.

  2. awesome to see a clock up game. looks like they make pretty good nukige.. We have been lacking some good nukige imo.

    Dear drops release already kinda makes me rage, well not really, its awesome. But i wont have time to play it for like another 6 months.

    im making my way through all 8 umineko’s atm, and then i need to read forest, and my girlfriend is the president.. busy busy

  3. not ruitomo

    That Clockup game with scat,traps,and hairy armpits sounds nice.

  4. I was hoping one would be a dark title.

    The “Eroge” game sounds fun. It would be great if the protagonist has a strong say in what game/s the girls make. That would lead to some great hilarity.

  5. As long as Mizuho’s voiced, sounds good to me. The trap hint had to be a protag trap, so Hamaji/Jun/Sai/Yuki were out (and Otoboku is a better base game anyways).

  6. No Cartagra announcement… πŸ™

  7. Seen the anime for Eroge!, seems silly in a good way. Not dark, but the games they make in-game can be (futanari elf tentacle rape???)

    And speaking of dark… when’s this: coming? πŸ˜‰

  8. Yay! My guess about it being Koihime on the last post mentioning the 4th hard copy was right!!!!

    EROGE!!!!! Loved the hentai, girl on right had all the good action.

    Otoboku seems really interesting too. I think there was an anime adaptation for it too, but never watched it.

    Wish we could one day see Aneimo 2 second stage from Bootup make it to the west too. Its anime was delicious.

  9. Deardrops march 2nd, need to get through FFXiii-2, Syndicate & Devil Survior 2 before then, then Mass Effect 3 after Deardrops need more time @_@

    “We have successfully cleared 2000 sales for Koihime Musou… everybody who purchased the game previously will get the pleasure of hearing…”

    Brings tears to my eyes T-T Made it to 2k sooner than expected.

    OtoBoku, want!

    Don’t know much about Eroge! but i’ll probably pick it up too anyways ;p

  10. Wow, you got the 2000 sales in less than a year O_O, congratz. I am not sure how tempting Magical MILF sounds to me, but the two other titles look interesting.

  11. Otoboku!? Hell yes!!!
    I never thought I will see the famous trap game being translated…

    Also kudos to Koihime Musou’s 2000 sales… Can’t wait for the voices…

  12. All excellent news, thanks!

  13. “we have successfully cleared 2000 sales for Koihime Musou!”

    fuck yes!

    Now is a great time to get the license for Shin Koihime Musou X3

    but joking aside that was a lot faster then I was expecting.

  14. raincoat superstar

    The way I read it, MG haven’t sold 2000 copies of Koihime Musou yet, but they have reached that number with the printing of hard copies. Great news for everyone who bought the game, though, and voices should help MG shift a few more copies.

    Deardrops drops in two weeks? HELL YEAH. I wasn’t expecting that to surface until April at the earliest. Day 1 purchase for me.

  15. great news,but still waiting for shin.

  16. if i remember correctly there’s still a Circus title with gameplay and a title from Nexton hasnt announced yet.When do you think you can announce these? i’m pretty happy with those and i’m not in a hurry but those two has been bugging me because there’s a chance that the title from nexton might be shin.

  17. Norio Wakamoto: The most win male seiyuu of all time.

  18. Glad to hear about the licenses and the updates. I wasn’t sure if the original Otoboku VN would ever be licensed, and I didn’t have any hopes for Eroge!

    It looks like Mangagamer has a long list of projects in development. They seem to represent a decent variety of harem and love triangle stories. But the company has only one or two complex games currently slated for release. And I’m still hoping for more worksafe games/VNs, and more stories with alternate pairings (such as yaoi, bara, and otome games).

  19. Nintendo Maniac 64

    “played over a thousand games”

    Unaware of loss?

  20. My heart just skip a beat when Koihime Musou Hardcopy is announced, wow you guys have come a long way into achieving that, and within 14 months too!

    i’m looking forward to Otoboku, hopefully it will be in hard copy later on. i like my games in hard copy…


    Eroge. Seems great. I want to play it now. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome,

    No way! Kohime with voices already, Dear drops finaly has a relase date. great, great, great.

    Magical teacher, good. I think i-ll buy it, althought it doesn,t get me too much interested.

    Dengeki Stryker, good, good good. I really want to play it.

    Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, aka OtoBoku. I don-t like trap protagonist too much, but at least this time i-m aware of it is not like Kira kira so i may buy it as long as i like the girls But i-m not sure.

    • seems like is still going to take a while to play Harukoi Otome, but i-ll be waiting for it.

    • Think about it this way, OtoBoku is the show that made Kouryuu realize that he liked wearing skirts, so you should play it just for that.

      • Nintendo Maniac 64

        I’ve never heard of this before. Do you have a source link, or at least more info?

      • Kinda like the movie Ed Wood? lol

      • You most be joking. -.- But if not I am grateful to you. Now i COMPLETELY refuse to buy otoBoku.

        • Actually, he was joking. Lighten up, dude.
          If you have that much aversion to wearing skirts, then I’m sure this game wouldn’t convince you to do otherwise.

          • Actually, truth be told… I don’t know 100% sure if he was joking. But it shouldn’t matter to you how Kouryuu took OtoBoku. What matters is how you’re going to take it. And as I said, if you really have such an aversion to wearing skirts, then this game (or any game) wouldn’t suddenly convince you otherwise.

          • I was sure he ws joking, but somehow a part of me had their doubts so it wanted to make sure. But You are right. It shouldn’t make a diference. I may give it a thought after all if it seems interesting enoght or just to get more games from Caramel Box i may buy it. But I’ll need more info and CG about the game to decide.

            (somehow i feel like a ping pong ball -.-)

        • It was totally a joke. Kouryuu crossplayed at a con because the rest of the officers (and a few members) at our university anime club pooled funds, bought the costume, and all but forced it on him.

          And from what I heard, Kouryuu also just dropped more money than I have in my bank account right now on doujin at the con, so his heterosexuality clearly hasn’t been challenged or altered in any way.

          • What can I say? Delicious Meat (Sena) isn’t going to fap to herself.
            …… Actually, she might…

            As for the crossplay thing, what sloanreinja says is true. I still can’t believe everyone in the club was actually willing to put their money where their mouth was when I called their bluff and made the bet… How was I supposed to know they wanted to see me dress as Nanoha that badly? <_<;;

          • I don’t think someone’s attire says something about someone’s sexuality. (Unless it’s a shirt that says “I’m gay and fabulous” or something.) Gay and straight men can both wear skirts.

          • Kouryuu and his skirt incident wasn’t really suppose to be commentary about his sexuality. If you were in the IRC channel, you’d be quite aware of how much attention he places on his precious Sousou.

          • Yes, I know. But nonetheless sloane brought up Kouryuu’s sexuality for some reason.

          • Maybe exedore was referring to the Gay Chicken incident…?

        • kouryuu LoL XD.So that is the story jaja. I’m now really interested to now why they wanted to dress you like that too badly, do you look like her of something?

          Now that i have readed that funny story i’m willing to otoboku and kara no shoujo just for you kouryuu. After all i’m inderectly responsable of bring that news and don’t i don’t know what can i do for you but that.

          • It was basically a promise made while drunk that just so happened to also involve video…He remembered so we never had to resort to video evidence, and the rest…well, let’s just say there were some Geneon reps that were picking up their jaws by the end of their panel…

  22. Once again you guys make going to the poorhouse so enjoyable. Never thought my Clockup assumption would be true, glad I finally made a correct guess, and the deal with Caramel Box was a very big surprise. Count on my support for both since both companies have games I really want to see in english.
    For Clockup it’s euphoria:

    Considered to be at the level Black Cyc was in its classic days, this would be a great way show an example of a dark eroge with extreme content but a great story to match.

    and another I’d like to see is Dyogrammaton:

    While I admit this game has a very slow start at the beginning (mainly because the first chapter focusing on Lugh is painfully cliche) it gets better when Reiho’s introduced since that has some interesting character developement. Also this leads into two others mech games: Rune Lord

    and Zwei Worter. And considering JAST has Demonbane and potentially its sequel, I’d say it’s time MG released a mech eroge too (especially since Muv Luv seems out of the question).

    Also considering how well the last maid themed game did, how about Noblesse Obligue? (make any Eden of the East joke you like)

    As for Caramel Box, I’d love to see Alicematic:

    Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki!?


    Shamana Shamana (mainly because I’d like a fantasy setting)

    You can bet I’ll be watching for release dates for all these new announcements like a hawk. Speaking of which, congrats on the 2000 copies sold and the hard copy release; looks like I’ll be buying this game a third time. Actually wait, congrats is not the right word in this situation. With Deardrops approaching let’s express it best in music (and classic anime characters)

  23. Yes, I agree. I would definitely love to see Clock Up’s “Euphoria” released. That would be a fantastic game.

    • It has this sort of SAW movie from the description. I also don’t like seeing girls getting tortured too, though I guess some guys do for some odd reason.

      • It’s not that in my case, I just want a really dark story with complex character developement and everyone whose played it says euphoria has that.

      • I’am actualy gentleman almost like a knight in bright armor for girls, i don’t think i could hurt one unless i’m in danger so i won’t ever do something like that…at least agains their will. But for some reason i have a dark side and ilike this kind of thing a little, be dominant make them serve me. Still even in this case i don’t like see girls getting hurt too much thought.

  24. Euphoria reminds me of 999 for the Nintendo DS. Euphoria could be very popular in bringing in those 999 fans on-board, because a lot of its gamers according to forums are hungry for games similar to 999, but have very little to choose from.

    Euphoria would be killing two birds with one stone: Bringing in newcomers to the visual novel genre while attracting mainstream visual novel enthusiasts hungry for dark bishoujo gaming.

    • I don’t know, I find Euphoria to be really kind of sick and not in a good way. That game is really too messed up for my taste, some people may like it but it might be a little too gory and messed up for most people (at the very least it is for me).

  25. Wohoo Otoboku! Can’t wait for this game. πŸ˜€

  26. YEAH!!!! Otoboku!!!! And I am going to take credit for asking Bamboo about it on the last live public chat we had awhile ago! Like awhile ago! And now it looks like it went though! πŸ˜€

  27. Congrats on managing to finally sell enough to get the voices for Koihime Musou! that should definitely help sell more copies since I know people used to really complain about the lack of voices when you first announced it.

  28. Wow, fantastic news about Koihime! Yay! I’m delighted to hear that the sales + hardcopies are enough to hit this threshold. Hope this continues to show that Mangagamer are a big player in the industry and are able to continue licensing excellent titles.

    Speaking of which, I’m also excited about DearDrops, and I may give Otoboku a try. Great stuff!

  29. Woo do I get free internet if I happened to guess Otoboku?

  30. I do like traps, so OtoBoku being announced is definitely good news. Hopefully this means the sequel will eventually be liscensed too.

    Eroge! is also a great find, but I have to echo everyone else and say I wish you guys had picked up Euphoria instead. I’ve already bought, played, and reviewed it, and it was a fantastic dark eroge. I’d be more than willing to buy it again for the english translation.

  31. There better be a hard copy release for OtoBoku as well. Do it, and you have my money the moment it’s available.

  32. YES!!! Koihime Musou is going to get a hard copy!!! Although I already purchased the digital one I’m also gonna buy the hard copy for this game. We’re also going to get “Otoboku” that’s another great news!

  33. YES, you just made my day. Deardrops is getting a release on March 2nd, Dangeki Stryker will be out soon, and best of all you are doing the one visual novel i have been wanting to play since i saw the anime, Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru…. THANK YOU.

    on another note it would be just amazing if you released all 3 for hardcopy on jlist.

  34. When will you finally Shin Koihime Musou license? I wait and wait, and there is still not enough. Please release it soon!!

    • Wow, smooth link choice for a comment on MangaGamer’s official staff blog, considering that it appears to host cracked copies of at least a few of their games at a cursory glance : P.

      You do realize that the best way to get them to license sequels is to actually buy the original game, right?

      (Sorry, I felt especially snarky after seeing that link)

      • Shin Koihime isn’t really a sequel but rather a remake. Since we’re on the subject, if people are going to pirate then they can cry forever and not get Shin, it’s of little consequence to Nexton…

  35. And when a voice patch for Kara No Shoujo is coming??????

  36. Otoboku…

    Now there’s something I never expected to see translated

    I’m definitely going to have to keep my eyes on this one in the near future. Do you have any possible thoughts on working on the sequel, Futari no Elder, if this turns out well?

    Either way this is remarkably good news

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