Koihime Voices!

Rejoice! Voices have now been added back to Koihime Musou!

Though it was a long, hard road getting to this point, we’re proud to make the excellent voice cast of Koihime Musou available at long last. Now everyone can experience the game with all the voices in their full glory: Motoyama Mina as Kan’u, Serizono Miya as Chouhi and Kayuu, Kusunoki Suzune as Shokatsuryou, Nogami Nana as Chouun, Oukawa Mio as Bachou, Iida Kuu as Kouchuu, Nojima Kana as Sousou, Fukai Haruka as Kakouton, Kisaragi Aoi as Kakouen, Miru as Jun’iku, Kurata Mariya as Kyocho and Riri, Kazane as Sonken, Hokuto Minami as Sonshoukou, Isshiki Hikaru as Kannei, Maki Izumi as Rikuson, Kawashima Rino as Shuuyu, Daishou Tsuzura as Daikyou and Shoukyou, Kimura Ayaka as Toutaku, Aoyama Yukari as Kaku, AYA as Chouryou and Kousonsan, Imuraya Honoka as Ryofu, Kono Kanami as Enshou, Murasakibana Sumire as Bunshuu, Aoi Miu as Ganryou, Yuunagi Sakumi as Chousen, Hikaru as Saji, and Jack Cloud as Ukitsu.

We’d also like to give a big thanks to all the fans out there who helped make this possible with their support.

(Note: Data for the hard copies is currently being sent to the printers, and you can now pre-order the hard copies on J-list.)

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  1. Yeah o/
    Congrats and i’ll replay it… I Want to listen to Norio Wakamoto crazy talk 😀

  2. BishoujoH-eroine

    That is great news. Thank you for all the hard work. Even though I bought this game a while back, I have been too busy to play it. I am kind of glad I didn’t.

    Looking forward to see what merchandise you guys have to offer at AX 2012 and the announcements during your panel!

  3. Oh yeah, forgot to ask but, are the old save compatible witht the voiced version?

    Just asking, because since it’s the Nexton’s VN Engine, and since the patch for We Love Master! made the old save not compatible… I wonder if it’s not the same with Koihime Musous

    • It seems as though copying the “sav” folder from the original version of the game to the equivalent area of the new version’s files will allow you to pick up where you left off.

  4. Awesome! I had been holding off on purchasing it for no good reason really, so now that I saw this post, I decided the present was as good a time as any to go ahead and get this. Paid for, and downloading now. Here is to an awesome game!

  5. Yesss that’s a great news. Let’s hope this is a sign that releasing Shin Koihime Musou will no longer be a dream ^__^. Now it’s time for me to DL the “full” version of the game and delete my non-voiced version from my hard drive.

  6. Aready preordered my copy of the hard copy. Congratulations all around, I hope the physical copies sell like hotcakes at future conventions, and I hope to one day see Shin Koihime Musou from you guys someday.

  7. Great. I was it was worth waiting, altough I bought the game some time ago.. ^_^

  8. Thanks, time to replay KM again, I guess.

    I’m surprised that the voiced version didn’t prompt for activation key, by the way. Not sure if your DRM is that smart or you forgot (or decided not to) use it.

  9. shin koihime when D:

    but jokes aside good job guys, you hit the needed sales much faster then I was expecting to be honest.

    I already read it with the unofficial voice patch but it’s nice to see you hit the mark!

  10. When I read that you are finally adding voices back into Koihime I was positively surprised that this happened at all.

    It shows that MangaGamer genuinely cares for its customers, keeps its promises and has redeemed itself for me at least.

    Keep up the good work, MangaGamer.
    I’ll continue to support you !


  11. And when yours gonna releases a voiced and non-bugged version of Kara No Shoujo??????

  12. awesome voices now all i need is the other games translated and i will worship mangagamer like a god *hint hint*

  13. After a bit of a struggle with the anti-virus problem, I have this up and running. My, Kan’u sounds fierce, doesn’t she? I’m glad J-list decided to buy in, and push you up past 2000.

  14. Any idea when the hard copies will start shipping out?


  16. Are you now considering translating Shin Koihime Musou or do you need to sell a lot more copies of Koihime first?

  17. when are you gonna translate Shin Koihime Musou? I love the first game but i need subs for the second one :(.

  18. Thanks again for all the trouble you guys are putting in this game. Koihime Musou is my favorit visual novel so far and i’ve played a whole bunch. And like so many others I totally support the idea of Shin Koihime Musou if it is close to as good as the original Koihime Musou.
    Keep it up !

  19. is there any chance of us getting the sequel brought out over here or will i need to learn japanese

    • nothing announced, but maybe in the future… (maybe at MG they don’t even know, and we don’t know if it’s « on their probably future releases »)

  20. Do you have to uninstall the previous version?

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