Tester's Corner: Magical Teacher Ed. Vol. 1

You know the routine, after the break, Tuna Salad’s up!

If I had to sum up Magical MILFs Teacher in one word, it would have be clockwork. Clocking in with over 60 different H-scenes and a copious collection of non-H CG that you can count on one hand, this a nukige for the sake of nukige.  If you can go a whole five minutes without seeing a single nipple, vag, or dick, then congratulations, you read slower than an 8th grader!

But to be fair, I don’t think the protagonist in this story (at the ripe old age of 18) is old enough to be an 8th grader…He certainly got more poon than I did in 8th grade, although I wasn’t quite 18…

In Magical Teacher, you play the role of the ever so lucky eight(TEEN) year-old Sanada Kazuya who, after getting bounced from relative to relative, finally gets passed into the care of his aunt. Upon discovering that his aunt has a fetish for cosplaying as a witch and rampaging through town, the unsuspecting Kazuya gets volunteered for the arduous task of resupplying his aunt and her Christmas Cake troupe of magical girls with mana, so they can continue to hunt monsters or something like that…I didn’t quite pay attention since his aunt’s kinda hot, especially in black lace, and that formfitting turtleneck that she always wears doesn’t help…

Oh, the aunt and her magical Christmas Cake Brigade are also teachers in Kazuya’s school, and somewhere down the line, Kazuya sleeps with his cousin too!

60+ H-scenes…

She can erase memories so there’s no point in trying to blackmail…

There’s already been a post about the lovely ‘options‘ that are available, so let’s jump to the important stuff.

For the most part, Magical Teacher’s “relationships” are vanilla, pure, unadulterated vanilla H. Not quite missionary with the lights turned off, but everything ends happily enough that you might get a cavity or two. Chigusa, the “technical virgin” of the group deserves some special recognition for her inability to comprehend what missionary with the lights turned off even means, but hey, ass-love is wild since it doesn’t produce a child, so might as well play ball, right?

Of course, you’d think a magical girl would have thought of some way to magically whisk away baby batter before it has a chance to act, but I guess that’s just me thinking too hard…

I thought we agreed? Pooper is Tuesdays and Thursdays, Monday is cleavage,
Wednesday is ear, and Fridays are wildcards!

Aside from the systematic dicking of every last member of the female cast, Magical Teacher relies on mostly verbal humor to advance the plot, if they can even be referred to as such…That’s not to say this game has a boring story, but quite obviously, the plot isn’t the central focus. The humor actually manages to keep things interesting as the characters find another excuse to violate poor little Kazuya (repeatedly) and are more often than not, a relief from the monotony of the 60+ H-scenes.

Yes, you read that correctly: monotony, 60+ H-scenes.  If you’re a firm practitioner of the courtesy fap philosophy, I strongly advise you to reconsider.

Once again, 60+, every 5 minutes…

I will admit, I probably liked Magical MILFs Teacher more than I should have…Maybe it’s because I like curves on my women?  Maybe I just don’t like DFC?  I don’t know, but for a game that is just H, over and over again at a seemingly breakneck pace and didn’t even feature maids (my one and only weakness), I was quite pleasantly surprised by the entire ordeal.


Oh, and my personal favorite of the bunch would definitely be Haruka since I’m a fan of Izumi Maki.

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  1. Now, now don’t you exagerate a little bit? The protagonist looks normal enough to me from what I remembered :3

  2. Nice to see someone who loves their women with curves too. I, for some reason can’t find anything arousing from Dam Flat Chest characters, I mean it could be a cross dresser once the skirt is flipped.

  3. Kouryuu stop deleting comments because we don’t agree with your “friends”.

    • I’m fairly certain that the only comments that ever get deleted are Yagami’s, to which I would argue that nothing of value is lost…

  4. I have red for more than five minutes without see a vag,dick or niple reading to normal speed at the begining xD (probably it won’t happen again latter)

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