Boob Wars: Flat Chests Tribe

Today we’re bringing you intel on the flattest of chests: two elegant plains that will never sag or wither with age!

First is General Suzuka Kiyosumi, the most talented general in the Flat Chest army, and Captain of the Flat Chest’s Commando Unit. She is one of the Flat Chest army’s best fighters, second only to their Queen, and she’s very dedicated to her work. She’s been in the military all her life, so she’s never known a man’s touch before. Though she’s quick to fight, she’s very shy when it comes to the matter of burying your sword inside her, so you’ll need to take your time showing her the meaning of pleasure.

Suzuka is voiced by Noranoneko, who also voiced Kuzuki Airi in Sexy Demon Transformation, amongst several other roles with Softhouse Seal.

And of course, standing at the top of all other flat plains, is Queen Teresa Premadasa, the ruler of the Flat Chests tribe. Proud and aggressive, she cannot stand the insolence and cruelty of those in the Big Breasts Tribe who dare to call her and her people “low-breeds” simply due to their lack of excess fat bags. Teresa is both highly intelligent, and the greatest warrior in her tribe, and she’s currently making use of both skills to advance her war against the Cow Udders who dare insult her people. Though both sides have suffered heavy losses, it goes without saying that she’s lead her people to an advantageous position in the Boob Wars. Though she has little experience receiving pleasure, she has lots of experience giving it out as punishment, and prides herself on the techniques her people have learned.

Teresa is voiced by Sawashiro Rizu (AKA Konoha), a voice actress with nearly 200 sexy titles to her name, including Yuikyo Suzuno from Flyable Heart, Kogasaka Chinami in Hoshizora no Memoria, Sonono Nene in Eroge!, and Kusakabe Ruri in SSSS.

Will you flatten the entire world, spreading the smooth glory of these young ladies? Or will you give rise to hills across their plains?!

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  1. Can’t decide between sides, guess I’m going to have to be the peacemaker so I can enjoy both.

  2. Hm. The size was never a deciding factor for me, but I think I like these characters better (you know, based off the single-paragraph summaries). So long boobs, I guess!

  3. Hey thanks Mangagamer for bringing over such nice Softhouse Seal games if you guys could bring more of their animated titles it be great since I’m big fan of their animated H scenes!

  4. Join the fight, on the plains of Valhalla!

  5. raincoat superstar

    So does this one have animated H-scenes, then? That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the ZyX titles back in the day. It’s amazing what a few frames of animation can bring to a bit of the old in-out-in-out…

    Also, is it just me or are the girls’ necks a teeeeeny bit too long? It’s even more evident on one of the Teresa sample images on the product page. I guess that’s where the flatties’ boob mass went.

    It’s a minor complaint, though. Boob Wars looks more interesting to me than any English nukige released in the last few years, so I’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered.

  6. Chinami’s seiyuu is in this? Sold.

  7. I like bigs and flats, but i would rather this tribe because the characters, they seems more interesting. Bought already.

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