Otoboku – The Girls: Suouin Kana

Not everybody at Seio Academy comes from a distinguished, upper-class family. For example, there’s the adorable yet often out of her league Suouin Kana.Kana is one of the four girls living in the dorm, along with you, Mariya, and Yukari. Your junior, she assumes the role of your ‘little sister’, bringing you tea and making sure you wake up on time, which is only reinforced by her petit stature. As thanks, you take her under your wing, helping her to build the confidence she so clearly lacks but could soar with if she acquired.

Unfortunately, the holiday doesn’t last for long, as Kana’s beloved hair ribbon soon falls afoul of Itsukushima Takako, president of the student council. Despite being a simple accessory, it clearly holds a deeper meaning for Kana, and it falls to Mizuho and co. to resolve the affair. Even worse, some of the other girls are jealous of the fact that this unrefined upstart is getting all-too-close to the Elder for their liking.

Once you get to know her, Kana is sweet, generous, and loyal, which makes it all the more curious that she’s thrown herself head-first into the drama club, though her insecurities have kept her from actually landing any parts. That may change if your classmate Kei has anything to say about it, though…

Kana is voiced by Kimura Ayaka, who we’ve discussed before with Toutaku from Koihime Musou, and Usui Yukihi in Sexy Demon Transformation.

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  1. I think I’ll stay with Shion. This one looks way too loli for me.

  2. I love lolis, bring it on!
    This game looks indeed very promising.

  3. Hey, anything with Ayaka Kimura in it has my interest.

  4. She’s so sweet,I’ll love loli girls *u*

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