Slave Witch April is now up for Pre-Order!

We’re proud to announce that Slave Witch April is now available for pre-orders!

After years of being disrespected, abused, and tormented by the overbearing witch, April, your chance for revenge is here! After freeing the captive fairy Maisie from her magic prison, the two of you manage to seal away April’s magic, reverting her into an ordinary, helpless woman ripe for the taking. Pound the humiliation and disgrace you suffered into her body, and make her your test subject as you try out all the magic she tried to keep from you!

Watch out, though, because the seal wears off after a mere 10 days, and she’ll be hell-bent on revenge if you don’t train her to serve you well!

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  1. *Checks title information*
    “With mosaics”
    What? ._.

    • This was a data entry error. It’s been corrected to reflect the fact that the game is, indeed, uncensored.

      Sorry about that.

  2. Any chances for MangaGamer to get any Lilith Soft games?

  3. I’m interested in this one. The heroines look somehow interesting to me.

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