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Tonight we’re bringing you some of the announcements from Anime USA!

We’re proud to announce that we have secured the rights to ‘Tick Tack’ from Navel. In this ‘Shuffle’ fan-disc, you and your girlfriend Nerine are sent 20 years back in time before her father, the King of the Devils,
has selected a bride. Can you keep him on course to marry Nerine’s high-spirited mother Sage, or will your presence send him into the loving arms of his prearranged fiancee, Ai? Find out in 2013!

For those looking for an introduction to the ‘Shuffle‘ universe, we are thrilled to be releasing the original ‘Shuffle’ in hard copy in time for Christmas!

Our hard copy edition of Shuffle also features a revised translation, with over 9000 fixes and changes from the original edition. All customers who have purchased the download edition will be able to download a free patch to upgrade their copies to the new text, and all new digital copies will boast the revised text.

Lastly, for those looking for something saucier, we’re proud to announce that the English version of ACONITE’s ‘Slave Witch April‘ will be released digitally on December 21st, 2012!

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  1. A fandisc and another nukige. That’s kind of disappointing. I was hoping for two new story-heavy games. I’ll probably pick up Tick Tack, though, since I enjoyed Shuffle.

    Sooo happyyyyy! <3 <3 <3

  3. AHHHH!!!! <3 <3 <3
    So happyyyyyyyyyy! <3 <3

  4. Looks like I guessed right with Tick Tack.
    I also prefer a single longer story with one heroine I really like ten times over a harem title with a bunch of short stories for each heroine where I’m not interested in half of them.
    Well Nerine was my favourite heroine besides Kaede, so it’s a must buy for me. However, to be successful she has to be popular with most of the Shuffle! fans which is probably the case, since Navel wouldn’t made a fandisc just for her otherwise. Kaede’s Really? Really! followed a year later and the other heroines don’t have a fan disc I think.

    • Sia/Kikyou, Primula, Ruri and Kaede (again) have routes in Love Rainbow I believe.

      Personally, I’m quite happy to see Tick! Tack! and hope it sells well. It’s a shame the description of the story (above) gives away one of the main revelations of the game though. You’re supposed to believe Ai is Nerines mum as they’ve both got blue hair and act similarly *sigh*.

      • It’s a shame the description of the story (above) gives away one of the main revelations of the game though. You’re supposed to believe Ai is Nerines mum as they’ve both got blue hair and act similarly

        They reveal this during the prologue (aka chapter 1 of 12) and the fact that this might change is the central conflict in the game.

  5. “Tick! Tack!” is a nice addition. Love the Shuffle! franchise. Still hoping for Essence+…

  6. Is the “new text” also meaning a change in the font? Because the original font is god awful on the eyes and my eyeglasses are overdue for 4(?) years now, too cheap to buy new ones, rather fund my hobbies.

    Though I never believed it would happen, I am a fan of Nerine(only girl I liked) so I’ll be sure to pick up Tick! Tack! Really hope that it does well since how many people have requested for it? If it bombs……I shall expect the worst and be surprised by the best.

    “If you try to hit a tree with a rock, you’ll somehow never hit it, but if you don’t try and just throw, somehow surprisingly, it’ll hit its mark.” -some anime not telling

  7. tick tack = FAPFAPFAP
    Am I the only Asa fanboy ? (Nerine is tie 2nd with Primula)

  8. Nintendo Maniac 64

    “with over 9000 fixes”

    I see what you did there…

  9. I believe my feelings can best be said by M. Bison

    Hope this sells well enough that we can get Really? Really! next.

  10. Is there going to be a pre-order page for the hard copy of Shuffle?

    Because I cannot invest in this soon enough.

  11. … so, where so I apply to work on this translation? My life wouldn’t be fulfilled if I don’t do *everything* to this franchise xDDDD

    But also, I’m so happy with this news. Shuffle! in hard copy is a must-buy for me, and can’t wait to see Tick Tack’s translation… if only Really? Really! and Love Rainbow gets translated too, then I could die without regrets ^^

    • Translation is being done by DS5, who worked on ef for NNL, Slave Witch April and Harukoi fill-ins for us, and was actually part of the original TT fan-tl team. Editing by me, scripting by Doddler. 🙂

      • … wow, that’s great news no matter where I look! Hope all the best with your translation, and I’m hoping you surprise us, fans, with something cool with it, like a colored manual or something like that with the preorder ^^

  12. Anyone else besides me thinking of Back to the Future when readng the story summary?

    Also does the title make any of you think of either of these? (extra nerd points if you do for my second example)

  13. I’m so getting the hard copy of Shuffle! * . *

    Thank you very much for releasing it.

  14. I’m really disappointed to see MangaGamer completely ignoring Innocent Grey to announce more nukiges…

    I can understand favoring the nukige fanbase since they are able to support the games they like, but having a quality story driven game once in a while would benefit MangaGamer’s reputation and bring back those of us who aren’t interested in nukiges and believed MangaGamer could cater to our needs.

    • Um, Tick Tack isn’t a nukige.

      Also, we’re not ignoring Innocent Grey. Communication is slower in Japan than in the west for business, and they’re currently in crunch on KnS 2.

    • It would be great to get more story based VN’s but I’d prefer to not get another Utsuge title like Ef or Kara no Shoujo. Would be nice to get a title that stands out because of it’s plot (Fate, G-Senjou) and not because of killing the heroines or sending them through misery from start to finish. But well, just my opinion…

    • Bear in mind Kara no Shoujo didn’t sell well so I wouldn’t blame Innocent Grey for being hesitant to license something else

    • SHUFFLE! Tick! Tack! is a nukige??????Says me who is be a manjator u.u

  15. The most selling MG’s title and my VN favorite title IS BACK,I’m not hoping for a retranslation of SHUFFLE! only for a updated font and Tick Tack is FINALLY coming up in english,I’ll not wants nothing for now and I want Essence+ and Really Really as well *u*
    *fainted with much joy*

  16. Nerine’s not my favorite cuz I like lisianthus, but sure, why not I’ll grab this one as well XD

  17. well, I wanted more Shuffle but in the form of essence + honestly, this is good news however…

  18. FInally Tick Tock… NOw to wait for Really Really!!

  19. I watched the Anime and fall in love with some of the character that appears in Essence. Is there any possibility for it to be translated? its includes 120% new heroines..

  20. are you going to get shuffle essence+ too?

    • I’m with you. I applaud MG for taking the chance on one of the Shuffle! sequels, and I will be purchasing it when it comes out, but I really want to see a release of Essence+. Hopefully if Tick Tack does well, they’ll consider getting the licensing necessary to do Essence+. I really want to see how Mayumi’s route goes.

      Kaede ftw, though.

  21. i’d totally buy essence+ D:

  22. Can we expect essence + to come out eventually?

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