Otoboku – The Girls: Kamioka Yukari

It’s scary to think that Mariya could serve as someone’s role model. It’s even scarier when the girl looking up to her is Kamioka Yukari.

Unlike her mentor, Yukari’s a cheerful, feminine girl who comes from a rural, middle class family. As Mariya’s junior both in the dorm and on the track team, the two make a fearsome duo, even if the younger is unaware of what’s beneath your skirt.

Because of her background, Yukari’s not as graceful as most of her classmates in such traditional areas as ballroom dancing or maintaining a pristine posture. However, that’s not such a problem with Mizuho on the case to give her some coaching – but will she accept it?

Yukari also seems uncomfortable about something at the Academy, but she’s not saying what. With track finals coming up, can you help her come to terms with it?

Yukari is voiced by Matsunaga Yuki, a voice actress with over 180 different roles to her name, including Katou Otome in School Days and Summer Days, Tomoe Yukina in Nursery Rhyme, Kikura Mikaminohime in Tayutama -Kiss on My Diety-, and Nerine in Shuffle.

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  1. I still have a feeling that most of them looked much more mature in the anime than in the game.

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