Otoboku – The Girls: Itsukushima Takako

Ever girl needs a rival, and yours is Itsukushima Takako, president of the Seio Academy Student Council.

Takako is everything Mariya isn’t: orderly, obsessed with rules, and a cautious planner. However, due to her family’s shared role in society with yours and Mariya’s, the three of you have been rivals since childhood: Takako and Mariya from their early days at Seio, and your family and its companies are financial rivals with Takako’s as well. If she ever found out about your secret, it would be a massive business scandal for your family.

Of course, it doesn’t help either that Takako hates men – something which she hints might be due to her family – but she certainly comes off as icy and strict. In order to reassert herself, she rules the student council with stern guidance and a firm hand, and her subordinates look up at her with an equal mix of admiration and fear.

Despite her inflexibility, you share a class and attempt to make friends despite your differences and opposing views on school affairs. Can you melt her shell and reveal the true girl inside?

Takako is voiced by Samoto Fuuri, a voice actress with over 150 different roles, including Makidera Kaede in Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua, Daikyou and Shoukyou in Koihime Musou, Chinkyuu in Shin Koihime Musou, and Futami Sora in Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide.

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  1. Why do I get the feeling I’m going to hate this character?

  2. Tsundere? Love it!

  3. The anime made her into the primary heroine.

  4. My second fav character – first is Shion, of course.

  5. Actually, she’s a very admirable character in the anime. A girl with principles that works hard to keep order and tries to hide her weaknesses.
    I think she even faints one time in the anime because of exhaustion. She’s a bit like Rin in F/SN.
    I think I like the appearance of Shion a bit more, but even for Shion it will be hard to beat her personality wise. I’m still undecided if I start with her or Shions route.

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