Otoboku – The Girls: Takashima Ichiko

You can’t have a traditional school without some mysteries and curious characters, and it’s hard to be more curious than Takashima Ichiko.It’s not that Ichiko is such a weird girl herself – though she’s certainly bubbly and overenthusiastic and very, very loyal to you – but her circumstances are odd at best. For example, how is she the fifth girl living in the dorm when there are only four girls on the registry?

Despite her mystery, Ichiko is charming and fiercely loyal, though she quickly becomes excited and has a habit of frantically babbling, which keeps her from being the most helpful of people at times, but she’s so loveable that it’s easy to forgive.

A true romantic, Ichiko quickly falls for you – and hard. However, something is getting in the way…

Ichiko is voiced by Kusayanagi Junko, a voice actress with over 450 different roles to her name, including Hasegawa Akemi in Pia Carrot, Sagisawa Yoriko in Da Capo, Wakabayashi Mie in Suika, Fujisawa Ako in Night Shift Nurses, and Nelly from Himegari Dungeon Meister.

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  1. Is it possible to f**k a ghost?

      • I wonder if it’s possible to impregnate ghost as well. I have baby ghosts with her then…
        After all, if I remember well from the anime, she was a lebian who loved protagonist’s mother.

    • Anyone here ever read My Lovely Ghost Kana?

      • That’s what I was thinking of.

        Though from the screenshots she does seem somewhat… canine… as well. You can practically see a waggling tail. And all the talk of “loyalty”.

      • There’s also the fact that she died while waiting for Mizuho’s mother which kind of brings to mind a story that inspired a certain statue in Shibuya, the one that dating couples seem to always meet up in front of in anime set in Tokyou.

  2. Maybe she is also a trap.

  3. Ghost women? Must have come as a wonderful bonus to the Instant-trap/harem kit!

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