SSSS: Available April 1st!

ssss2Prepare to protect womb peace! You, Iiyama Hunt, must utilise your License to Sex and save women from loveless marriages, sexual miseducation, and topping from the bottom in Super Secret Sexy Spy,  cuming this April 1st!SSSS Sample CGssssssss02cssss09cYou can also download the subtitled opening movie now!

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me!

    (Okay, we got that one out of the way now.)

  2. At first, this game sounded to me like a harmless parody of secret agent movies.
    However, after SSSS’s side launch over at I’m getting more and more sceptical.
    Here a couple of things that bother me:
    1. The organisation led by Nanao Nana aims to protect women, but the creators of this game gave them the acronym “CUMDUMP”.
    2. Nanao Nana is an enemy of FAPPS, but her character description leaves no doubt to me that she is going to be seduced by the main protagonist thereby breaking with her core principles.
    3. According to the description of the game on (“I need a better life than the one of a Texas breeding bull.”), the protagonist seems to have the traits of one of the worst hentai archetypes: The guy who suffers under the fact that every female he comes across wants to have sex with him.

    However, I think I’m going to buy it anyways. I want to give nukiges a second chance after the huge disappointment that was “Harem Party”. This game at least seems to have a lot more humor in it and the drawings are pretty good.

    • It’s a Softhouse-Seal game, so it’s not exactly going to be clever or subtle or original. If you’re gonna be buying this hoping for something in the writing to change your mind from your initial impressions, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.

      Like, you buy a Softhouse-Seal game (or really almost any currently released nukige) for some fap material, and anything else is just a bonus.

      • I’m not expecting anything “clever or sublte or original”, but is visual novel that isn’t blatantly sexist to much to ask for?

        Anyways, I kinda regretted writing that post shortly after I posted it. You are right, me bitching really is kinda pointless and if I want to have a discussion about sexism in nukiges I should probably simply start a thread on the message board.
        However, I do think it’s a too easy excuse to simply say “Well, it’s a nukige, what do you expect?”. It’s possible to make a visual novel that has lots of sex scenes, but isn’t sexist.
        For example, in my opinion nukiges should bid farewell to the idea of a single main protagonist. For a nukige to be interesting it has to have different heroines, but if you only have one male protagonist then infedility is inescapable. So why not make anthology of sorts where each short story is about one couple? Or why not a story about a bunch of couples who know each other with shifting points of view?
        I think the idea of a single protagonist with whom all the girls want to sleep is the root of many of the problems I have with nukiges.

        “Like, you buy a Softhouse-Seal game […] for some fap material, and anything else is just a bonus.”
        Actually, I want to buy SSSS mostly because of the fap material (and hopefully I will get a couple of laughs out of it). After “Eroge!” comes out I’m going to have all the fap material I need for quite some time, because it contains 60 sex scenes and its CGs look gorgeous. Then I can stop buying nukiges 🙂

  3. April Fools release? Surely you must be joking!

  4. There are a fair few visual novels around that aren’t particularly sexist, but most aren’t nukige, just regular eroge.

    That’s because nukige want to get to the “action” quickly, which implies wither a certain eagerness on the part of the female chara or some form of power by the male protagonist(s).

    If you’re willing to be patient, some more sophisticated eroge include: “A Drug that Makes you Dream”; “Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~”; “Kana – Little Sister”; “Crescendo” – all of these are available from J-List I believe.

    Another path to a non-sexist nukige would be to start somewhere near the end of a “standard” eroge – the relationships are in place, the sex is about to begin.

  5. ummmm. I was expecting it to be allitle more funnier and, overall, longer. I feel i wasted too much money. It doesn’t have too many events to worth its price. Maybe with 10 or 20 scenes could be better.

    • By my count, there are actually 20 h-scenes in the game. Did you play all the routes?

      • I meant “With 10 or 20 scenes more that it has now” if i wasn’t clear.

        And no every route, 2 of them but i’m talking about each rute, I got the credits so fast that i couldn’t belived it . It has less or a little more scenes than some story games i know,and lot less than others nukiges i have with the same or similar price. I think 15 or 20 dollars would be a better price to consider for it.

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