Tick Tack!

TickTackWe at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Tick! Tack! is now on sale!











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  1. Great it’s out now. Can’t await to play it. 🙂

    Nice new Comko naughty bits blocker btw.

  2. Happy that we finally can play it, currently enjoying it. Thanks for the good work MG 😀

  3. Oh yes, new naughty bits blocker is totally amazing! I request even more more facial expressions for it!

    Btw, any chance for some discount for Shuffle+Tick Tack bundle?.. Or it’s not worth making?

  4. Thanks so much Mangagamer for bringing over a Shuffle sequel and hope to see Really! Really? and Shuffle Essence+ to be up next.
    Speaking of Animation titles on how well you are doing with softhouse-seal I would like to see you expand to their branch studios like softhouse-seal GRANDEE, Anime-seal, and Re:verse also suggest this other eroge studios like ZyX, Ole-M, Erogos, and Jellyfish. 🙂

  5. wasn’t planning on buying it day 1 since I had a lot of preorders from elsewhere but I couldn’t resist Nerine, so goodbye 34.95 from my savings!


  6. The new Naughty Bits Blockers look a bit… silly with all those different facial expressions. XD
    I’ll probably keep using the old one…

  7. VN of the year on overseas are available now *u*

  8. I want to buy just to make Navel to let us more games, but mother day is close and i’m short of money i’ll wait.

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