Orion Heart: Now Taking Preorders


In addition to our release of Tick Tack, we’re also proud to announce that pre-orders are now open for Orion Heart!

Not every Magical Girl story has a happy ending. Oh sure, most of them end with a vanquished monster lord and the girls learning the value of love and friendship and celebrating a beautifully-animated butt-kicking. But not here. After defeating the demon lord Gildart, Aoi and Yuka (aka Orion Suns and Orion Moons) thought they were safe. Safe from his monsters. Safe from the tortures they endured at his hands. Safe to live ordinary lives.

And then one day, Gildart came back, stronger than ever and with an ace up his sleeve: by possessing the sweet, shy, sickly boy Aoi loves, he was able to ensare her, and through her, Yuka, forcing them to obey through the cruelest means possible.orionheart01

Can the two girls fight back and free themselves from Gildart’s clutches? Of course not! This is his story, and that means lots and lots of intense bondage, vicious vermin, and public porkings, all in the name of breaking those who thought they could destroy him. It’s time to let the dark side triumph over a pair of well-mannered magical maidens as you screw them down to size in Orion Heart!

Available on May 24th! Pre-order your copy now!

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  1. Just curious, but is the artist for this game the same guy who did the art for Comyu?

  2. Looks great. Can’t wait to play it!

  3. Wow you guys are on a roll, games back to back to back. I’m tempted to start pre-ordering even though I swore off that after the whole fiasco with JAST’s Yumina being on preorder for over 2 years.

  4. Thank you for making it very clear that this is not a game I’m interested in.

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