Laxius Force 2

laxius_force2We at MangaGamer are proud to announce the addition of Laxius Force 2, part 2 in the Laxius Force series.

In this new adventure you will find dozens of hours of gameplay, more than 20 characters, countless monsters, items and quests as you follow the road of Half-Goddess Luciana and her many friends.laxiusforce203

More will be revealed about the Grand Commendanter and his Order servants in this amazing tale of love, passion, tragedy and fantasy.laxiusforce202

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  1. “Would yoy dare slay a god for me?”

    My answer after the shock full of sarcasm: “Yehaa, i can kill it by tomorrow or, if you are in hurry, i can kill it this afternoon if you don’t mind to pay extra” XDD I think i’ll buy the game just to see what was theirs answer.

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