Tester's Corner: Orion Heart Ed. Vol. 1


Today, we’re bringing you a new tester’s corner from Kaitsu!

If you are a fan of Guilty and Slave Witch April, then this is the game for you! Although Orion Heart is a relatively short game, this nukige is jam packed with ero around every turn, with both female protagonists being repeatedly defiled and raped by multiple partners, slime monsters, demons, and a succubus, while demon slugs nom on their insides. If that kind of thing tickles your pickle, then get ready to have some major fap time with Portion’s VN: Orion Heart.


If you’re curious about the story (and haven’t read the product page yet), Orion Heart follows two recently retired magical girls, Orion Suns (Yuka) and Orion Moon (Aoi), who have finally settled down in hopes of having a normal and carefree life after recently defeating their long time arch nemesis, Gildart. Unbeknownst to the girls, Gildart lives on, stronger than ever, and quickly takes over the body of one of Yuka’s classmates, Osamu (who is also her love interest), with an evil plan in mind… to exact his revenge by making the Orion pair his sex slaves!


After working on several nukige titles for MangaGamer the last two years, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably my least favorite MG title that I’ve ever worked on… mostly because of the bugs nomming on their insides. I’m not a huge fan of nukige in general, so the rape and the variety of non vag-friendly goodies getting stuffed into these poor girls didn’t exactly sit well with me…  But different strokes for different folks, right? Don’t let my opinion stop you!  I will admit that as the game progressed, Orion Heart did start to grow on me more, but that was solely thanks to the solid translation. So, kudos to the translator and editor!


At this point in the game, she’s begging for it. So it’s at least it’s consensual.

Despite my own personal nitpicks about the plot (or lack thereof), and the senseless sex/rape, I have to give credit to Portion for creating a game with such a pretty art style. When Orion Heart was first mentioned to me, I was a rather hesitant to agreeing to test it. Fearing that it would have Guilty-like ero with a Higurashi-ish art style, I almost declined, but I’m glad that I was proven wrong. Admittedly, the eyes are what caught my attention first. So beautiful!

In the end, Orion Heart is a simple game with a few interesting decision points along the way that determines which girl you will mentally and physically screw up first. So have fun destroying them!


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  1. I thought that was a great review. awesome.

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