Eroge: Himeno Kisara

Today we’re introducing Himeno Kisara, Flower’s main illustrator!

The main illustrator’s job is to draw all the line art for the various sprites and CG to be used in their games. Kisara is more of a traditional artist, who does most of her work in pencil rather than digitally with a tablet. This means she also has to draw all the variant CG and alternate sprite expressions by hand as well. Also, as the main illustrator this means she’s in charge of drawing all of the game’s promotional artwork, including the artwork used for telephone cards and other store exclusive bonus items. Outside of her work for Flower, she also runs a doujin circle, selling her doujinshi at comiket under her pen name, Sakura Monaka. Though her artwork is well known by her doujin fans for being cute, it’s hard to call it erotic.

She takes a lot of pride in her work, but there can be times when she loses confidence just like any other artist. Usually she’s very strong-willed and stubborn, so it’s hard to tell who’s really in charge at Flower when she’s around meek little Nene. Still, though she’ll never admit it, underneath that pride and stubbornness is a regular girl who wants to be comforted and have someone she can rely on without needing to put up a front.
Kisara’s main fault at present is her lack of knowledge and understanding for sex and what makes images erotic. She’s obviously never had any personal experience, so it’s difficult for her to understand what kind of expressions are made during sex, and what camera angles create an enticing scene for her audience. Naturally, this is where you step in to offer a helping hand.

Himeno Kisara is voiced by Satou Yuki, a voice actress with nearly 90 titles to her name, many of which have been excellent nukige, but also in roles such as Asagiri Tomomi in Moero Downhill Night 2, Fukamizuki Kaoru in Cartagra, and Sonsaku in Shin Koihime Musou.

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  1. God bless the Tsunderes, without them life it’s meaningless

  2. Well, here’s hoping she turns out more likable from where the demo covered…though I suppose if not, you’ve just given me the perfect joke material for my review where I compare likability between Kisara and Kaoru of Cartagra, and if you know the context of that…

  3. I fancy an ice lolly right about now…

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