Eroge: Fujiwara Momoka

Today we’re introducing Fujiwara Momoka, Flower’s scenario writer!

Momoka works as Flower’s scenario writer, meaning she’s responsible for writing all of the text in their games. She also writes light novels on the side for a different publisher, and one of the main differences between her work as an author and a scenario writer is the scriptboard. Creating the scriptboard comes after the general planning and plot outline stages. This is where she decides on how each major scene will roughly play out so that everyone can decide on what variant CG need to be created to help spice up the scene. Also, as the scenario writer its her job to add comments in the script directing the sound effects, setting, and how lines need to be voiced. This also means she’s in charge of attending the voice recording to give on-site directions to the voice actors. Coincidentally, the light novels she writes are all BL.

She’s a very sweet, kind, romantic girl who loves cute things and romantic fantasies. However, her tender heart was once stepped on by a man during her younger years, and ever since then she’s hated all men. Perhaps her sweet side will return if you manage to overcome her hatred? Also, despite her demure appearance, she posses the most physical strength out of all the staff members and isn’t afraid to use it.

Though she’s a great writer, not only does lack experience in writing sex, but her love of bright cute things and her hatred of men cause her to have an intense distaste for writing anything dirty. This problem caused the sex scenes in Flower’s firsit title to be both very short, and very abstract–something no one could fap to even if they tried. Naturally, you could never forgive yourself if you let her put out another script like that, so you take it upon yourself to make her realize what kind of lines turn a guy on. Just be careful; she gives as well as she takes.

Fujiwara Momoka is voiced by Misono Mei, a voice actress with over 170 titles to her name, and famous for her blow-job sounds (according to Tamiyasu Tomoe at least). Though very few of the nukige she’s played in are known here in the west, she’s also voiced Chouhou in Shin Koihime Musou, two characters in OtoBoku2, Gawain in Knight Carnival, and Inoue from Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu.

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  1. Interesting that three of the games you’ve mentioned are from companies MG has a deal with and the other one is from Age, who you guys have at least talked to. Any possible hints from that?

    Back to topic, I’m still not entirely convinced Momoka’s route isn’t going to suck, though if by some miracle (the demo did not leave a very favorable impression on me) it doesn’t suck then that means all the jokes I’d come up with for my eventual review of the game will be for nothing.

  2. that third cg doesn’t look like Momoka.
    is it the protagonist in drag?

  3. Really weird coincidence that a day after you pst this, I find out about there being a third episode of the OVA adaptation of this game. And just my luck, it focuses on Momoka…

  4. Now that you mention Tammy, is there any chance of another livestream with her and Bamboo? I got late to the… really old one (over a year ago?) so I could only speak for a short while.

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