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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday season! Are you ready for another round of ef – the latter tale coverage? Me too! Today I’ll be introducing you to the next couple, Mizuki Hayama and Shuuichi Kuze.

Just as a heads up, this post will be covering information in ef – the latter tale and there will possibly be mentions of events that occurred in ef – the first tale. If you’ve managed to avoid spoilers or the anime adaption all this time, please consider checking out the game (and the anime) if you haven’t already. It’s such a lovely VN and I don’t want you to get spoiled. ;~;

If you haven’t already read chapter four, you’re going to be a little surprised when you finally get around to reading it. With Chihiro’s emotional and psychological hardships obviously affecting her personal outlook on the world and what relationships she has/can remember, it makes for a sort of depressing read. After going through something like that, a cheerful pick-me-up is necessary, right? Well, never fear because Mizuki’s here!

See?! Isn't she just so freakin' cute?


Chapter four of latter tale begins with you meeting our next female heroine, Mizuki Hayama,  a Japanese school girl who attends the same collegiate feeder school as Kei Shindou. Like Kei, Mizuki is also a member of the girl’s basketball team and a shoujo manga fanatic. Having nothing to do and no one to play with back home over summer vacation, Mizuki decides to visit her aunt Sumire and cousin Renji. Unfortunately, neither can satisfy her craving for fun and attention due to the two absorbing themselves in their work and studies, so what’s a girl to do? Why, hang out with Shuuichi Kuze of course! Naturally their next door neighbor “volunteers” to be her summer break companion/caretaker.

As you can imagine, Kuze isn't exactly the ideal babysitter.

As you can imagine, Kuze isn’t exactly the ideal babysitter.

Our male protagonist, Shuuichi Kuze, is a close friend to Yuu Himura and long time next door neighbor to the Asou family. Despite his sophisticated profession (as he is a world renowned violinist), he’s got quite the sharp tongue to support his witty personality, as well as his sarcastic and sometimes perverted sense of humor. With a combination like that, you’re not going to know what’s going to come out of his mouth next! Unfortunately for Yuu, he’s more or less always on the receiving end of said sarcastic comments and isn’t too thrilled with some of them.

Naturally, there’s more to Kuze than meets the eye. He’s got quite the colorful past and plenty of skeletons in his closet that he’d much rather forget. What could they be, I wonder? You’ll have to read to find out!

With that, I hope you all check out ef – the latter tale!

Mizuki is voiced by Mai Goto, a popular voice actress with quite a few popular titles under her belt. To name a few, some of her roles include Sakura Yae from Really? Really!, Sakuno Uryuu from Mashiro Iro Symphony, and Maya from Eden*.

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  1. Nice read.
    off topic: where’re doddler and yukkirus thoughts on mg’s 5th anniversary?

    • They’re actually some of our later additions, so they’ll be coming up later after a few more. I actually got a lot of responses from our staff for this, so I’m excited about the post series. Hope you guys all are too.

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