Really? Really! – Returning Characters 1


Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to give you a refresher on some of the returning characters and some of the interesting effects Kaede’s false memories will have on them! (Disclaimer: This is a sequel to Shuffle/Tick Tack and as such may contain spoilers for those titles!)


The lead male and all around “nice guy.” Generally hated by the male population of Verbena Academy for taking Kaede away from them (as if they ever had a chance). Girls seem to flock to him like moths to a flame.

Memory Changes:
So, what craziness might you expect Kaede’s altered memories to cause? Voila! Rin is now the household chores ninja? He’s dating the teacher? …And Asa, and Primula, and… I guess I’ll just stop listing. Kaede, you must really doubt him, huh?

The lead female many call a superwoman. She takes care of Rin in pretty much every facet whether he likes it or not.

Memory Changes:
The big change we’re going to focus on here is central to the overall plot. Once inside her memory, everyone almost immediately runs into… Kaede?


She takes on the (rather magical girl-looking) guise of her late mother, Momiji. All the while, she’ll give you direction and commentary to help you turn her back to normal.

Typically the comedic one of the group. Outwardly a bit womanizing, but actually quite intelligent. Despite seeming like a bit of a poor friend at times, he does seem to genuinely care, and is quite up for helping out Rin and the others in Kaede’s time of need.

Memory Changes:
Itsuki is actually right out in front as one of the first memories you need to fix, and for good reason! With that said, if you read my introductions post, then you’ll know exactly what’s coming:

The horror.

It’s so horrifying, I just HAD to use it again!

One can only imagine the consequences of a female Itsuki enamored with Rin for the duration of the game. Thank you, Navel, for taking mercy on us mere mortals.

The sempai character you all know and love. She was originally Kaede’s cooking tutor, and hates magic, interestingly enough. ENERGETIC may as well be her middle name (and yes, the caps were necessary!)

Memory Changes:
Y’know what? I can sum this up with one picture.

Long hair AND cat ear cosplay? You’re all sold now, right? Right?

A half human, half demon girl with heterochromatic eyes. Often the blunt of many a joke due to her small breasts, she actually takes a lot of pride in them, despite the fact even Primula has her beat in the size department. Her and Itsuki have a… unique relationship of sorts. They make quite the comedy duo!

Memory Changes:
I could also sum this one up with a single shot, but considering Mayumi gets upgraded to “girl with a route (sort of)” this time around, that wouldn’t be very fair! That’s right: any of you that had an eye for her in Shuffle: congrats, she’s got some H scenes just waiting for you! That said, she comes across as very cute in girlfriend mode, and seems to quite enjoy one change in particular that she gets…

You get one guess!

You get one guess!

See you all next week with “Returning Characters Part 2”!

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  1. Mayumi! <3 I'm most excited for her, I can't wait 😀

  2. I love Mayumi, too! With everything I knew before today, I was most looking forward to her scenes. But the Asa picture with the cat ears may have put her into the lead.

    • My top two are Mayumi and Benibara, Asa will be my third if I can go in the order I hope for XD But I do like long haired Asa a lot more than her short haired version I have to say.

  3. Btw, it’s voila instead of viola (a viola is a sring instrument — voila is a French word meaning “there it is”).

    Also, Tabby, I might be mistaken, but I don’t think there are any H-scenes w/ Bene-sensei. You’ll have to wait for Essence+. (Her route, unfortunately, kinda sucks in Essence+ ;_; )

    • You are mistaken. Just check out the screenshots in the product page!

    • I agree with ChaosRaven. Benibara, and Mayumi’s route are all originated from Really Really. Except in Essence plus, those are real with some adjustments instead of illusions in RR.

      Not sure how much of a difference. I only based this from looking through CG packs I have years ago.

    • Fixed the typo. Also, there is most certainly Benibara H; 2 scenes if memory serves!

  4. Now.. if there were only an Itsuki route >.> lol XD

  5. Mayumi’s breasts are bigger now??????
    Also,when SHUFFLE! Essence+ is releases???????

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