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Today we’re proud to announce our latest hard copy as well as our upcoming hard copy plans!

Starting today, we’re proud to announce the release of our newest hard copy, Eroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games~! Furthermore, we’re proud to announce plans for our upcoming hard copies.

In July, we will be releasing hard copies for Demon Master Chris, our first yuri title to be printed for physical sale!


Lastly, in September, we’ll be proud to release hard copies for Cho Dengeki Stryker! You’ll want to order this exciting, superhero action story as soon as possible to get the limited edition extras!

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  1. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this news ever since Eroge! was first announced. You’ll have my money… well, I’d love to say ‘immediately’, but some bills and import taxes on other recent purchases need to be paid first, so let’s say ‘reasonably soon’.

  2. Well, the hard copy announcement for Eroge was to be expected considering that it was the best selling title last year. The Cho Dengeki Stryer hard copy was very likely. Although I hoped for it, I didn’t really expect an hard copy for DMC, mainly because it was a third party release.
    Well, I certainly get the DMC and Cho hard copies. No interest in Eroge though.

  3. It would be nice if you guys could start doing hard copy from the start for certain titles. I have all 3 of these already as download copies. I might double dip on DMC and Cho though.

  4. So….no new title this time announced?
    Still its awesome to see a hardcopy DMC ^^

  5. FinalAvalanche

    DMC is a pleasant surprise, since I had some doubt that such a short title would get a hard copy. Any chance that it comes with a strategy guide? Since unlocking certain scenes, especially the true ending was very difficult for a number of people.

  6. Definitely ordering ‘Eroge!’ Maybe ‘DMC’ as well – tried the demo and it was okay but I really liked the art.

    I’ve been holding off on buying ‘Harukoi Otome’ since the Look Forward to 2014 post in February said it was under “serious consideration” to get a hardcopy. Is that still the case, or should I just give up and buy digital?

  7. The covers for the physical releases are going to be… cleaner right? I don’t customs should be seeing that.

  8. Will you be bringing any artists or their original sketches with you to Anime Expo? I’d love to drop another $500+ at your both as I did at AX 2010. Thanks!

  9. It seems there is or is going to be a sequel to Demon Master Chris. http://nyaatrap.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-76.html

    I’d love to see a English release of it.

  10. Someone please tell me where a fan club is. Id really like to have people to talk about this game with. Its the first Ive seen with such am intense story.

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