Meet the Imoutos #2: Rio


This is Rio. Soccer? I barely knew her! Dohohoho. Rio is the resident tsundere. And j-just so you know, she’s n-not doing this because she l-likes you or anything. Stupid Aniki. I think it’s mandatory that all tsundere-types have twin-tails.


Rio is very concerned about keeping up appearances. She’s very proper and sensible. But a tad sheltered. So if you tell her that back-of-the-knee jobs…


or hair jobs…


or armpit jobs are totally normal things that normal siblings do over the course of a normal day, she’ll believe you. Probably. She won’t put on a red and white shrine maiden costume for said armpit job, but hey, a man can dream.

(On a side-note, as a back-of-the-knee job enthusiast, this was the best back-of-the-knee job scene I’ve ever seen. I hope this will awaken a deeper appreciation for the backs of girls’ knees in players. Imoutos are a precious resource, and every part of them should be properly loved. Go green by fully utilizing your imouto, and don’t let any part of her go to waste. -Tim)

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  1. Why do you guys censor the images you post? It’s not like people are looking at this blog at work.

    • Oh, but I am. Not that it would make any difference for me if they weren’t censored, but just saying.

      It’s more likely to do with the fact that the blog doesn’t have an age gate like the adult section of the site, though, so anyone might stumble on it.

  2. That last paragraph cracked me up :))

    Not a fan of wincests or fetish foreplay but I’m always a sucker for tsundere twintails. Dilemma!

  3. Yo the scene from that first screenshot is godlike. If any of you goons are into anal, get this asap.

  4. “Go green by fully utilizing your imouto, and don’t let any part of her go to waste.”
    I mean it’s a funny sentence, but talk about objectifying women!

  5. i don’t know where else to ask, but why is Rio’s virgin and sleeping scene not animated like the original Japanese Version? Her paizuri scene is still animated when i play so im only more curious about it now. Did Moonstone Cherry just not give you guys the assets for it?

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