Cartagra – Main Characters


Today we’re proud to introduce the main characters of Cartagra, Shugo and Kazuna.


Takashiro Shugo

Our protagonist, Shugo is an ex-cop who’s been freeloading for a few months at the Yukishiro, an Ueno brothel. Since quitting his job as a police detective, he’s been making his living working the occasional case brought to him by his old boss, Inspector Arishima. That’s how the game begins: Arishima’s busy investigating a recent string of serial murders, so he brings Shugo a missing persons case he doesn’t have time to look into. Shugo accepts the case, thinking it’ll be a simple job. What he doesn’t anticipate is that the person who’s missing is Kozuki Yura, a girl he was intimately acquainted with before his days with the police. With a personal connection to the object of his investigation, Shugo is determined to get to the bottom of Yura’s disappearance.


Kozuki Kazuna

Kazuna is Yura’s twin sister, though they weren’t very close before her disappearance. Still, when Kazuna hears that her missing sister has been sighted in Ueno, she enthusiastically joins Shugo’s search, just as determined as he is to find her sister. An aspiring actress, Kazuna is bright, cheerful, and just a little bit odd sometimes–though her friends all tell her she’s really quite normal! Filled with boundless optimism, though maybe a little naive, Kazuna is like a ray of light shining into the darkness of Ueno.

Kazuna is voiced by Akishiro Yuzuki. She reprises her role as Kazuna in Kara no Shojo, and plays Stella as well. You may also recognize her as Tsukuba Yoh in Saya no Uta.

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  1. Which means there MUST be a happy ending hidden somewhere between all the bad endings. I’m so relieved…

  2. Very excited about the Game. I will definitely pick it up next month togehter with Kara no Shoujo.

  3. How this game is related to Kara no Shoujo? it’s a prequel?

    • It takes place in the same city. At the beginning of Kara no Shoujo, there were brief mentions of another serial killer incident which Shugo investigated. That’s what Cartagra is about. Also, Shugo, Kazuna, and Hatsune (you’ll meet her later) were important secondary characters in Kara no Shoujo.

      The lady-doctor at the morgue in Kara no Shoujo is Shugo’s older sister.

  4. You might want to change the reprised her role bit. Its a pretty big giveaway that she does not die.

    • Well, it proves that she doesn’t die or anything like that on the canon route anyway… which therefore spoils that she logically can’t be the murderer.

      But yeah, it would be better tos ay “who also voices some characters in Kara no Shoujo” maybe?

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