Tester’s Corner: d2b vs DEARDROPS Ed. Vol 3

Ya, you were waiting for this. Don't lie to yourself.

Ya, you were waiting for this. Don’t lie to yourself.

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For the few of you who might have read my last Tester’s Corner on Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games! (which caused me to practice abstinence for a while, consider joining a nunnery, steal candy from children), I took a break from beta testing.
… And by taking a break, I mean I spent a good portion of my time plotting ways to destroy my tormentor, Kouryuu.

I guess he got smart fast and gave me this game to review. So readers, let us return to the world of rock and roll for Overdrive‘s 5th anniversary- which was totally in 2011, but who was REALLY waiting for this game to be translated, right?!

(This whole article has SPOILERS. But honestly, if you haven’t played KIRAKIRA or DEARDROPS by now…. WHHHHHHHYYYYYYY?!)

The story takes place 3 years after Suganuma Shoichi left Deardrops to pursue his violin talents in Germany. During this time, Deardops has remained active, but Kaguya Riho’s long-distance relationship with Shoichi has been hard on her. So you can imagine her emotional roller coaster when she sees THIS on TV without any prior notice from her boyfriend:



Meanwhile, all the graduated members of the Second Literature Club (D2B), with the exception of Shiino Kirari, have been out of musical practice for 5 years, working in society as normal human beings. (You know, the stuff adults do and complain about because real life is boring…) Maejima Shikanosuke is first seen questioning his role in Kirari’s stardom world.

Through a combination of coincidences, Riho and Shikanosuke end up bonding over their long-distance relationship issues until they receive notice that their significant others are in an affair… with each other.

Well then. Let’s fix that problem.

I'm attending Riho's Relationship Seminar.

I’m attending Riho’s Relationship Seminar.

The story itself is not very long (hence, the smaller price tag). However, this serves to only enhance the experience as the readers walk through the broken pieces of the Second Literature Club and the rising members of Deardrops. Unlike most other visual novels I have played, this storyline focuses on 4 main characters and their points of view: Kaguya Riho, Suganuma Shoichi, Maejima Shikanosuke, Shiino Kirari. The chemistry between the two worlds of KiraKira and Deardrops meshed well for all the characters. Readers who have played the prior visual novels will also pick up on the Easter Eggs alluded.

Even if you haven’t played either game, this visual novel is still enjoyable because the narrative is told so that you bond with the characters and become interested in their stories to want to play the original visual novels. The music is a throwback to the original games, but it’s the CG in this game that keeps it going. There are a lot of beautiful cut scenes built into this game that keep the storytelling fresh.

So play this game. The cat commands you to.

He's Grumpy Cat.

He’s Grumpy Cat.


1. Play this game.
2. Music is great. CG is great.
3. Gives you THE FEELS.
4. It’s short… and sweet.
5. No sex. (Look, you have to take a break from fapping sometime…)

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  1. There’s something I’ve been wondering about in regard of this series. Will you also release the Kira Kira 5th Anniversary anime special at some point? Since you do have a completely unused anime section on the site anyway?

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