ef Hardcopies Up For Pre-Order!

ef_hardcopy_dvd_caseToday, we at MangaGamer are proud to announce the Limited Edition of ef -the fairy tale of the two, slated for release this winter!

This Limited Edition will feature both ef -the first tale and ef -the latter tale for the special price of $59.95! In addition to featuring both games, this Limited Edition of ef will also include a special Uncle Yuuko sticker in honor of minori’s call for Western support in our upcoming eden* and Supipara endeavor! Of course, the best part will be the 120pg artbook specially arranged for this English Limited Edition release!

Copies are indeed limited, so pre-order your copy today!


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  1. I have been asking for pretty much exactly this for a long time, it’s great to see it finally happen!

    Now how about talking minori into doing a limited release of the soundtrack for western customers as well?

  2. Eh, what?! Ef hard copies? That came out of nowhere. Looks like Minori is slowly getting in cuddle mood with the west. I guess this doesn’t have DRM, does it?
    Anyway, there’s no way I could resist something with Yuuko in it, especially if it comes bundled with an art book.

    Just one question: Are the Cho Dengeki Stryker hard copies also around the corner? Because besides ef, I’d also like to buy the DmC and Cho hard copies and getting all three in one package would reduce shipping costs quite a bit. So should I wait a bit or just pick up ef and DmC since Cho hard copies will still take a while?

    • No, like all of our hard copies, this will not have DRM.

      We’re still working on the design and specifics of Cho Dengeki Stryker though. ef’s hard copy designs are currently taking priority over Cho Dengeki due to our target release date for ef.

    • I guess I’ll pick ef and DMC together then. Hard copies seem to get more frequent, so I can still try to get Cho together with a future hard copy of maybe Cartagra, Really? Really! or who knows what’s coming.

  3. Doesn’t look like it actually lets us order it yet, despite what the title of the post says?

  4. Does the box that it comes in have “eroge” written somewhere on it? I’m interested in this but I don’t want anyone on my household to find out about my hobby.

    • Not the exact word, but if the previous hard copies are any indication, it will have a small warning about the adult content. Can’t really release it without doing so, I guess.

    • It doesn’t say “eroge”, but ef -the fairy tale of two has been rated AO by the ESRB, and as such, the AO rating label will be on the cover.

      ef -the fairy tale of the two has been rated AO for Blood, Nudity, Sexual Violence, Strong Language, and Strong Sexual Content.

      • I appreciate MG paying for ESRB rating, I know they had no expectation of even a M rating due to some content in the game. That said I haven’t found where ESRB has updated and classified the title on their website, atleast not yet.

    • You’re kidding?! I thought that rating was for Euphoria.

      I guess the ‘Sexual Violence’ and ‘Strong Sexual Content’ tags relate to some of the more disturbing story parts, since I don’t remember any graphical heavy stuff.

  5. Fantastic news! I saw the twitter on my phone and almost shouted “fuck yes” on the middle of the street lol
    Man, since I already bought Cartagra along with Kira Kira and Edelweiss bundle pack I’m unable to give you money right now. I hope it doesn’t sell out before I manage to buy a copy which will be sometime next month.

    Like it was already said, the site doesn’t allow yet to buy copies. I also suggest putting something on the banner about this (although I’m pretty sure you’re already on this).

    Please bring more great surprises like this!

    • I’m guessing that the problem with ordering comes from the lack of a release date. Even now with the button to buy it enabled, it still just redirects to the front page.

  6. Just finished preorder, I had purchased both of them digitally, but a nice drm free copy with bonus goodies, no way I will pass this up.

  7. December 24 eh….a really bad day for us international buyers.

  8. Aren’t you worried about this cannibalizing eden sales? Since they’re going to be released so close together.

    • I don’t think it will have a bad effect, on the contrary, if the price is low it will help boost the sales, if one is willing to spend $60 I don’t think it makes much difference for them adding another $10-15, it’ll be perfect if MG do a christmas bundle with the two title.

  9. Too bad ef wouldn’t release a completely uncensored version for hard copy 😛

    Well I still bought both their digital and now this hard copy ):

  10. I’m interested in picking this up too but worried that it might cause problems at customs :C is there a bundled up digital version of the games? and im guessing this version has extra content compared to the original releases?

    • The only extra content would be the Limited Edition extras–the artbook, sticker, special case, etc.

      The games are unmodified from the digital versions aside from being DRM free for hard copy release.

  11. Too bad I live in Europe… I would kill to get my hands on the Limited Edition!

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