Translator's Corner: Space Pirate Sara

Hi! Cafe here. Space Pirate Sara is the third Lilith game MangaGamer will be releasing and the second title I’ve translated for them.

You may recall that I first worked on Armored Warrior Iris. I guess the biggest difference between Sara and Iris is that Sara has more focus on the plot and a few less h-scenes as a result. On the other hand, the h-scenes are fairly long in Sara to make up for this. Sara’s plot is also far more involved than Iris’s was, and the game is longer, too.

The cast actually features four girls in total that have h-scenes. Sara, of course, her rival Sylia, and the twins, Karin and Cecil. I guess you could consider this something of a rarity because the twins are the main antagonists in the game.

What could be under their dresses?

What could be under their dresses?

So how about some credits? The art was done by a rather famous eromanga artist known as Seura Isago. Sara is the one and only eroge he’s worked on. Fans of his work should definitely check this out.

The scenario was written by Lilith mainstays Sonodamasaki (Taimanin Yukikaze, Kangoku Senkan series, Armored Warrior Iris, etc.), Kurisu (Taima Seikou Alice, Ma Furu Yoru no Rin, etc.), and Matsumoto Ryuu (Tentacle and Witches, Mizugi no Shimobe-kun, etc.).

The music was also done by Mizoguchi Tetsuya who has worked on a number of other classic Lilith titles.

What's going on here?

What’s going on here?

I can safely say that I enjoyed the h-scenes in Sara more than Iris overall, even if there are less of them. I also think the art’s a bit better, personally. Anyway, fans with a penchant for Lilith’s typical kinky ero, but also looking for a bit more story shouldn’t be disappointed.

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  1. already pre-ordered,how this title differs from the ova?thanks

  2. Already spent my Christmas money I saved for gifts, this will unfortunately have to wait until a later date.

    @perrandy In my opinion, there’s not too big of a difference between the two and that also goes towards most other ovas as well. The plot remains the same for the most point, other than the ova on occasion might throw its own curve to certain scenes and add its own ending if it plans on doing a sequel. That’s what I gotten from most ovas based on eroge.

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