Tester’s Corner: Space Pirate Sara Ed. Vol 4


Today we’re proud to present our fourth Tester’s Corner for Space Pirate Sara!

I decided that I wanted to play Space Pirate Sara as soon as I saw the title. Being a fan of both pirates and sci-fi, a nukige combining both genres certainly piqued my interest. The game opens up with Sara capturing a bounty, then trading her for information about a treasured sword she has spent ten years searching for. But the information she received turned out to be a trap, and she gets captured by a pair of very evil-looking twins. The majority of the game consists of the twins training Sara to become a sex slave.


The main focus of this game is unquestionably the ero scenes. The opening sequence includes a gang rape scene, then there are four days of training, and an ending ero scene. For each day of training Sara is forced to go through, you get to pick from one of three categories: pleasure, humiliation, or transfiguration. The pleasure scenes are probably the most varied and include fetishes such as tentacles, enemas, anal sex, and lactation. The humiliation scenes are mostly about very degrading forms of sex in front of a big audience, and one of them even has bestiality. The transfiguration scenes all feature Sara being turned into a futanari. The game ends up having a lot of futa content because several of the pleasure and humiliation scenes include it (on other characters) as well. The transfiguration scenes ended up being my favorite overall.


One of the more unique parts of this game is that there are small puzzles in between the training scenes. Sara is locked up, but her partner Hans (who was also captured) is left free to roam by the twins. Every night he goes into the tower where the twins are holding the treasured sword and has to solve a riddle in order to unlock the door to the next floor. There’s always a short scene of Hans walking through the tower to get to the door, and this scene includes clues for upcoming puzzle. Then you’re presented with three choices to solve the riddle, and you can ask for one more hint. Some of the puzzles are actually fairly clever and require a fair bit of thought, and some of the other ones seemed really dumb to me. Of course with only three options, it’s easy to figure out with trial and error if you don’t actually want to bother thinking about them. These puzzles are what ultimately decide if you get the good ending or not.


As for my general conclusion about the game, I liked it a lot. The story wasn’t anything particularly deep, but did a great job of setting up some context for the ero scenes. I liked the puzzles because they helped the pacing of the game and made it a bit more interactive than most. The voice acting was good, though I was a bit disappointed that Hans wasn’t voiced. The ero scenes had enough variety to keep them from getting boring. I think anyone who enjoys nukige in general (and isn’t turned off by futanari) will end up liking this game.

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  1. i have no clue about hte puzzles in this game anyone solved them???

  2. I only got to the first riddle today, and after a long time of trying to convert letters to numbers and messing around with said numbers in a circular pattern or even modular calc, I figured that I might have been complicating too much.
    Without spoiling too much of the riddle.
    Hint: Try solving it like the MTWTFSS riddle while relating it to the in game hint and you should get the first answer.

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