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Today we’re proud to share several new announcements from AKON! We’ll be releasing Limited Edition hard-copies of No, Thank You!!! within the next month, and we have two new announcements: Go Go Nippon 2015 from OVERDRIVE, and Kuroinu from Liquid!


Our limited edition hard-copies of No, Thank You!!! are going to be a real treat for fans! In addition to the special case, the limited edition comes with a 22-track OST featuring the music from the game as well as a 40pg artbook full of the hot men starring in the game. Pre-orders are open now, and hard copies ship July, so order today before they sell out!


With Go Go Nippon 2015, it’s time to repay a visit to Japan! This brand new update to the original Go Go Nippon will be sold as DLC to expand upon the base product. This expansion will nearly double the content available in the game, allowing you to visit several brand-new locations like the Tokyo Skytree, Solamachi, Odaiba, a planetarium and even Comiket! This expansion also adds several new events featuring Makoto and Akira. Enjoy watching Makoto cosplay as a maid at Comiket, attend a Japanese festival with both girls, and now you can even enjoy a late night moment with each of the heroines. There are plenty of new foods to enjoy too, and you can even see some traditional Japanese glass-crafting too.


Furthermore, this expansion to Go Go Nippon adds a lot of improvements to the visual experience as well! This expansion will render the game in widescreen 1280 x 720, updating all of the old and new CGs to the new display. But that’s not all! With this expansion Makoto and Akira’s sprites will be rendered with the E-Mote system, granting the characters full, fluid motion in-game!

There’s never been a better time to visit Japan from your home!


Lastly, we’re excited to be able to bring everyone Kuroinu from Liquid, one of the most requested adult titles from our fans! Kuroinu is the tale of a dark fantasy in which the Alliance, led by the High Elf, Celestine (a reborn goddess), and the Legion, led by Dark Elf Queen, Olga, have been warring for centuries. The player follows Volt, the leader of the mercenary group known as the “Black Dogs” (Kuroinu), when he and his soldiers are called in by the Alliance to put a final end to the eras of wars… and exceeds expectations. After crushing the dark elves in battle, Volt seizes their territory to form a nation of his own–Cuntry, a kingdom in which all women are subjugated and compelled to serve the sexual desires of their male masters. With no limit to his ambition, Volt soon turns traitor and marches on the very Alliance that hired him-seeking to end the wars by bringing everyone under his heel.


This dark fantasy tale features excellent writing by Asou Ei and Izumi Banya, the same team of scenario writers who brought us euphoria, and tons of high-quality H-CGs from Liquid’s artists. This is the perfect title for all of those who love to fantasize about breaking and defiling another with your sexual desires, as well as those who love to fantasize about being broken since the tale is told in third person. We’ll be releasing this huge title in three separate chapters to help bring it to fans faster, the first of which will focus on Volt’s conquest of the dark elves.

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  1. E-Mote! I’ve become a big fan of E-Mote. This is great news. I hope Bamboo talks up his experiences using E-Mote so more games are made with it and we can get more games that use it.

  2. Phantom Thief 1412

    The circumstances between Kuroinu interests me, splitting up the game so that it comes out faster. Could something like that be employed for other huge titles? Like Baseson’s ones perhaps?

  3. First off nice announcements, even if I’m not a fan of the first one its always nice to see more limited editions, I’m really looking forward to Kuroinu there are few things I love more than some dark elf action.
    Secondly I had just a few questions about Kuroinu. Will your release be based off the original or erotic remaster edition? Also will it feature the spin-off content?
    Finally you say it is one of the most requested adult titles. Does that mean it charted in the survey? If so at what number?
    Sorry for asking so many questions and thank you in advance for any/all answers.

    • I second this, nice announcements all round!

      Would also like to know if Kuroinu is based on the ERE version? As it’s not released until the end of this month and translation is already 20%, I assume not.

      • Yeah someone said on twitter it wasn’t but is there the possibility of it down the road? Maybe if they decide to release the whole thing after all the separate chapters? Or if they do a phisical release if it sells enough?
        Answers to these questions and the others would be greatly appreciated.

  4. For the love of god will you guys please release more visual novels with more story line and less nukage games! Have guys ever considered maybe translating some more popular VN like princess lover or Dracu Riot?!

    • MangaGamer usually saves story oriented titles to announce a bit later on the year. I’m sure MangaGamer has good stuff (on the story side) to announce so be a bit more patient.

  5. I am fine with H scenes. Do not get me wrong i just would just like to see more popular visual novels like the one mentioned above translated. If you guys continue to translate visual novels like Princess Evangail i will continue to buy your stuff. In the long run i guess my opinion does not really matter. I am just big fan of VN and want to be able to play good VN Games with story and not have everything be about sex (nukage).

    • I believe they take the “something for everyone” approach. There’s also the market reality that Nukige are generally cheaper, shoter, easier to translate and sell well. From previous MG comments I think they’ve said Nukige also have a much better long tail than most story based games.

      Story based games also have the issue of voice actor costs, especially if they use A list actors. I think JAST has commented on how much easier (and cheaper!) getting voice rights are in H heavy games; I don’t believe the English market is there yet that it can licence full length top-tier games and not lose money on all but the most well known titles.

      It’s also possible they are saving announcements for later in the year, so maybe you’ll get your wish there.

  6. Is Kuroinu really that long that it needs to be split into multiple episodes? I assume total cost for all three episodes will exceed the usual sticker price for a full-length nukige like Imouto Paradise?

    Regardless, seems like a quality nukige. Keep the quality titles coming.

    Could you comment on the variety of endings? Are they heroine-focused endings or goal-focused endings?

  7. Updated GGN sounds lovely. Any chance of getting a version of the DLC that would work with the hard copy as well? (Wouldn’t mind it as a new updated hard copy either, or might even prefer one, though.)

  8. Sounds like a good opportunity to finally play Go Go Nippon if the base game is also updated.

    Would have preferred one of the Eiji Hikage titles from BaseSon though, considering he’s also one of the main artists for them. While I do like Medieval Fantasy, I fear Kuroinu is a bit too much for me.

    The chapter release is interesting – probably a good way to get more money for the whole title at the end of the day. Could be even more profitable for Steam releases.

  9. Looking forward to both the update and especially Kuroinu. Though I must voice my disappointment…no mention of Izumi-san’s work on the Black Cyc classics? Boo…^_^

  10. as I expect the MOST requested title was one of the Rance games … would love to get those. Still glad moving more into dark hard stuff.

    For anyone that plays go go nippon is it good for someone interested in Japanese culture and less interested in MOE without sex? Thanks!

  11. Is that…aliasing I see on that E-mote sample?

  12. Improvements to Go Go Nippon looks interesting, but furigana on/off support would really help with reading. Hopefully it can still be added. Full voice acting support / voice line repeat would also be appreciated for learning purposes. This option could be activated by character/story teller basis.

  13. Kuroinu! Yes! Looking forward to it!

  14. Nice that Kuroinu got licensed although with this I do hope that in the future MG is able to work with A1C to release uncensored A1C hentai videos. This would be the first since no A1C videos has been released uncensored.

  15. Never heard of Kuroinu, but I’m already sold. Screenshots of this will make for some juicy, juicy blog content.

    Will you please add Mac support for this? Last time I looked at Google analytics, near 60% of my viewership of 18-24 year old males used Mac PCs. It’ll be pretty hard to market a game that people can’t even play. :-/

  16. Will definitely buy Kuroinu. I have no interest in BL, so I don’t care about the No, Thank You hardcopy. I’ll probably pass on the Go Go Nippon expansion too. I’m still happy with the announcements because I’m really looking forward to Kuroinu.

  17. I’m so ridiculously excited for the limited edition of No, Thank You!! Considering its the first project from parade, they’ve done a lot of really good stuff. Plus, the art is amazing.

    I look forward to other BL titles being released!

  18. Can we expect a ‘complete’ dl of Kuroinu at some point, containing all 3 chapters?

  19. Wow. Finally the update for go go nipon, it sound like a very good Idea, i’ll be waiting for it. And over all. But over all Kuroinu is amazing. It was already good the hentai now this. great

  20. I for one am glad that you guys picked up Kuroinu ill definitely be buying this. Loved the animation so I cant wait to play the game in English. To be honest I want to see more nukage games from developers/publishers like Lilith and Liquid or at least some more MILF stuff.

  21. Kuroinu looks wonderful but it will be uncensored? if it will be with mosaic it ruin all fun ;/

    • Ok i find the answer to my question but now i have one more, i know u tweet u release normal version not erotic remastered but in future u will make ERE verion or imposible?

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