An Introduction to Please Bang My Wife!


Why hello, everybody! I’m translator Pastel Chum, here to tell you a little bit about our upcoming NTR release from Atelier Sakura, Please Bang My Wife! I’m sure the title alone raises quite a few questions, but for today, I’ll focus on introducing the characters and setting.
Our first character is Sashihara Yasushi, thirty-something freelance eroge writer, and doting husband. I’m not sure you could really call him the protagonist, since the poor guy is technically the least important character. But, he does serve as the narrator, so I’m making it up to him by giving him top billing here. Dude has it hard enough as it is. You’ll see.

Yasushi doesn’t have a whole lot to his name, but he still managed to find himself a beautiful wife, Mariko. At the story’s outset, they’ve only recently gotten married, and they seem to get along just fine. Unfortunately, Yasushi’s got some… issues… in bed. He’s a bit of a Quick Draw McGee between the sheets. Tragically lacking in the sack, if you will. Despite this, Mariko seems pretty understanding about the whole thing—that is, until she mysteriously starts dodging his advances. At first, Yasushi gives his wife the benefit of the doubt, but he can’t shake his growing suspicions. Could his beloved wife secretly be seeing another man…? The answer will… actually, no, it probably won’t surprise you. This is a porn game, after all!


Since this is an NTR game, much of the story revolves around Yasushi’s suffering. His job in the eroge industry is stressful enough as it is—and, as he’s the narrator, we get an inside glimpse into that life. If you ever wanted to know about the grueling deadlines and hellish crunches of a nukige manufacturer, Please Bang My Wife uses it as an interesting backdrop! Anyway, as Yasushi grows more and more suspicious of his wife, we get to see just how it weighs on his mind. When his anxiety even starts impacting his work, the desperation mounts, pushing him further and further towards a full-on mental breakdown. Whether you’ve ever been slightly curious if self-pity could be a turn-on or not, don’t worry; the NTR genre is here to help!

Next up, I’ll talk a bit about Sashihara Mariko, our lovely heroine. She spends most of the game decked out in full office lady attire—you can even toggle her glasses on or off in the options menu. (Though, for some completely esoteric reason, it defaults to “off?” That’s not the correct decision at all!) She can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, but that’s simply part of her charm. As you might’ve guessed, Mariko’s been getting into some extramarital shenanigans, unbeknownst to her husband. She does her best to cover it up, but to anyone with a clue (sorry, Yasushi), she’s clearly hiding something. What could’ve possibly brought this respectable lady to cheat on her lonely, porn-loving husband?


When Yasushi finally hatches a plan to catch her red-handed, she admits to her infidelity in a pivotal confession scene. What’s most interesting about this game is that all of Mariko’s sexual encounters are recounted directly by her; we don’t get to see them directly. All Yasushi has to go on are whatever details she reluctantly shares, if he can even trust them. And, because her deepest secrets are being drawn out of her via interrogation, parts of Mariko’s story are outright fabrications—until Yasushi points out the contradictions, that is. There’s a very realistic level of tension to the scene, capped off with Yasushi’s desperate hope that maybe, just maybe, it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s definitely my favorite part of Please Bang My Wife.

Lastly, we’ve got Okada Kazuki playing the role of Mariko’s mysterious suitor. This handsome gentleman is everything Yasushi isn’t: rich, gallant, and well-endowed. How did Mariko find herself involved with Kazuki, anyway? To say much more about him—and his relation to Mariko—would be giving too much away for now. You can find out for yourself on September 30th, when Please Bang My Wife releases, or whenever I accidentally reveal it in one of these blog thingies.

Oh, another neat thing about this game is that all three of the main characters can be renamed, if you’d prefer to inject the story with that personal touch. Now, your very own office lady waifu can be stolen away by any guy you so choose!

Actually, there’s a certain something in this entry I lied about, too… I guess that means I’ll be having my own confession scene, next time! See you then!

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  2. So where can I buy this? Im not from Japan in case youz guyz are wondering

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