Kuroinu Chapter 1 Now Available for Pre-Order!

Kuroinu Chapter 1 is now available for pre-order! On sale March 31st! Pre-order today to get your copy for 10% off!

The plain lands of “Eos” located in west “Serenus.”

Seven fortresses located in the northern boundaries of Eos served as the setting for this war between the Alliance and Legion. This conflict, however, was in its final stages with the decline of the Dark Elf queen’s power. Under the High Elf’s (a reborn goddess) calling the “Seven Shields Alliance” was formed to stand against the Legion. The Alliance issues a request to the group of mercenaries headed by the protagonist known as the “Black Dogs.” The Black Dogs were to be the vanguard for an all-out-war in order to put an end to this conflict, but…

Upon invading the Dark Elf queen’s country, the Black Dogs turned that land into their stronghold and began to invade their former allies’ countries. Panic, shock, indignation, sorrow… the Alliance couldn’t hold back its many reactions to this turn of events. The Black Dogs’ leader then issued an unbelievable declaration after betraying the Alliance. The founding of the “Cuntry,” where women are obligated to partake in sexual service for all men.

The women of the Alliance would soon learn first-hand that this declaration was neither a lie nor an exaggeration…

Set in a western fantasy world where men, mercenaries, and monsters pillage, rape, and violate the beautiful women of the countries they invade, Kuroinu is both a war chronicle and ensemble act. The women of thus Cuntry will gladly use their bodies to diligently serve all men and their respective desires.


  • Japanese voices, English text
  • Written by euphoria‘s scenario writers, Asou Ei and Izumi Banya.
  • Estimated Read Time: 15+ hours.

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  1. Was the game really that long to the point it had to be split in 3 chapters? Just wondering.

    • not reallly, and there is not much gameplay but is hardcore erotic, so they dont want to drain you out, so thery split into 3 chapter XD

  2. The game has three chapters? That long? And what’s with the pun, it’s worse than Yang.

  3. Out of curiosity, is the entire game going to get a hardcopy release once all chapters are released? I’d be pretty interested in shelling out extra for a special edition with all chapters and some extra goodies!

  4. Will the game also be sold in a complete version once all the parts are released? Or is buying it in parts the only option?

  5. Well, now I didn’t expect the writers to be euphoria’s. That would explain the intense premise of the game.

  6. Wait you are doing this as an episodic release. That is super disappointing to me and I really think that should have been more clearly communicated.
    I really dislike episodic and won’t bother before out in it’s entirety.

    • Indeed. I dont like episodic releases as well.
      I have reluctance to buy only one part of story… especially when its not guaranteed, that remaining part will be released (it happened sometimes). Also I dont want to fragment story…

      Well, I will buy complete edition (all 3 chapters), when its done.

  7. Can’t wait for it, hopefully physical release. Don’t know what rel the preorder counts for. Top writers by the way. Better get your hands on Extravaganza, Fraternite or Mindead blood soon hehe. Really take your time with the other translations but try to announce a similar release while we wait for chapter two and three.

  8. I’m assuming MangaGamer’s Kuroinu releases are based on the three episodic versions that Liquid produced in 2013 (as opposed to the original, full game from 2010).

    Can we get a comment on whether there are content differences (particularly in terms of omitted material); and whether, once all three episodes are released, there’s any way to combine them into a single package/game, as opposed to remaining three separate executables?

    While it’s only porn, I still want to know what I’d actually be purchasing.

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