Kuroinu Chapter 1 Tester’s Corner Vol. 1

Today, we have a tester’s corner for Kuroinu Chapter 1 from Kitty-tama!

Hi, this is Kitty-tama, and today I’m thrilled to share my thoughts regarding Kuroinu Chapter 1. Kuroinu has always been on my radar for the sheer fact that the writers who worked on my beloved eroge of all time, euphoria, also happened to work on this! Add to the fact that the composer, as well as some of the voice actresses also worked on this, and you have Kitty-tama’s Ultimate Dream Team… or something to that effect.

Anyway, the story to this game is nothing particularly noteworthy. It’s not bad, it’s just simple and sets the stage for the various sexually violent themed H scenes. That said, what story is there is compelling enough to keep you going through each route within the first chapter to see each girl’s eventual demise… It doesn’t try to be any deeper than its initial premise, so if you’re looking for a nukige without a strong plot (unlike, say, euphoria) and just want dark H content aplenty, this is definitely a game you should consider looking into.

Kuroinu’s heroines all have their own erotic charm to them which makes each respective girl stand out. Because of this being merely the first chapter of three, you can only choose between three of the nine heroines: Olga, Chloe, and Claudia. My personal favorite heroine has to be Chloe. Her scenes were a lot of fun and had some of the more outlandish elements (double anal fisting, anyone?) that made them quite memorable. Not only that, but I found her dedication and loyalty to Olga to be a very admirable and endearing trait. That said, the other two heroines are pretty great too. Olga’s very headstrong and unwavering in how she carries herself, even in the depths of torture. As for Claudia… her unrelenting dedication to her husband and their pure love is so intriguing despite the hell she gets put through.

Looking at the above paragraph, I bet you’re thinking, “Wait, Kitty! This is a dark, brutal game! Why are you going on about these positive traits about the heroines?!” Given the nature of this game, each heroine’s ending can really only go in one direction: mindbreak. The above traits I listed were not only great additions to heroines who very well could have been significantly more shallow and forgettable, but they also made for a very satisfying, arousing experience as each heroine became more and more depraved and broken.

The H scenes have one theme in common throughout: sexual violence. However, each heroine has her own individual theme or fetish focus in each of her H scenes, so this game has a wide variety of fetishes to enjoy. In fact, there’s even a bestiality scene for those into that! Other themes include pregnancy, NTR, and gangbangs, to name a few. But that’s not all Kuroinu has, so by all means, see for yourself exactly what it has in store.

It’s hard to say exactly why I love Kuroinu so much. I definitely went into it expecting to like it somewhat, but I came out of it liking it way more than I’d ever openly admit. Is it because of (admittedly) my bias toward Asou Ei and Izumi Banya (the writers)? Perhaps I’m more of a sexual deviant than I thought? Though I’m not entirely sure, what I can say is that if you like your eroge dark and unapologetically depraved with mindbreak aplenty with minimal plot, do yourself a favor and check out Kuroinu Chapter 1. It executes its subject matter very, very well, and it’s a fun time all around.

Until next time, everyone!

Kuroinu Chapter 1 is now available on MangaGamer.com!

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  1. That was very informative! Sadly, dark nukige aren’t exactly my thing… else I would’ve definitely checked it out!

    • It’s definitely not for those who don’t care much for darker stuff, but I’m glad you found this informative at least!

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