Kuroinu Chapter 1 Tester’s Corner Vol. 2

Today, we have a tester’s corner for Kuroinu Chapter 1 from Neko_Len!

It has been awhile since I tested, so when this project came in I jumped right on it, no questions asked. I didn’t ask who developed it, what the title was, or the genre. The only thing I did know was that it was a nukige, and that was about it. I’ve had plenty of experience with nukige titles before, so I didn’t have a reason to think this project would stand out at all. Hopefully it will be nice, light fare… so without further ado, let’s boot this up!

There goes that hope…

Whelp, this was not a good start. Hopefully this does not turn out to be too rapey… Oh, who am I kidding? I see exactly where this is going. Time to sit down for the ride. I just have to watch a mercenary lord rape his way across the land or such right? …Right?

Anyway, Kuroinu turned out to be one of the more verbose works I have ever tested, and I tested both ef – a fairy tale of the two and eden*, so that’s saying something. Never before have I ever had to reach for a dictionary so many times while being too disgusted to whack off. Normally one would refrain from making such comments about a game in a tester corner, but the very reasons I find this game so much of a turn off is the exact reason many would want to play it. If it wasn’t obvious: this is a rapefest. Nothing but rape. Rape in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night! You could call it Unlimited Rape Works!

And lest one would think rape would get old, the fine people at Liquid have given quite a bit of variety of rape to flesh out the experience. For example, take this lady, Olga, dark elf queen.


This proud dark elf queen is both stoic and mentally strong. Defeated but not broken comes to mind. So, how are we going to go about breaking her?

olga public rape_cen

Repeated and very public gang rape comes to mind. In the middle of the town square. Almost every scene with each accessible “heroine” are all on the similar rapey, mind breaking, humiliating train. You’re probably shouting, “But Neko, I want my bitches drugged!” by now. Well, simmer down… we’ve got you covered!

And these are only small bits out of a single route. While this is not my thing, the very reasons why I disliked it may be the exact reasons you may consider it. If you are looking for a rapefest with a surprisingly high linguistic level, try Kuroinu ch 1. Once again, this is Neko, signing off. Enjoy!

Kuroinu Chapter 1 is now available on MangaGamer.com!

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