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Today, we have an editor’s corner from Noto!

Hello! I’m Noto, the editor for Dungeon of Corruption:  Trials of the Female Knights.  Taking place on the fantastical content of Valbella, this game centers on a battle between the forces of Light and Darkness, and the two lady-knights—Apostles—who set out to prove their faith and retrieve sacred treasure for their respective kingdoms.

Beginning a new game lets you choose between Eliska, a pure and sweet Swordmaiden of Light, and Griselda, the aloof and curt General of Darkness. Your duty is to challenge them as they trek through the perilous Dungeon of Trials, where their very devotion to their Gods will be put to the test.

Dungeon of Corruption’s most interesting and engaging aspect is the gameplay. In most visual novels, you arrive at certain outcomes by selecting branching choices. In Dungeon of Corruption, you take hold of a higher power to directly affect Griselda and Eliska’s mission. By setting traps in their path, you damage their spiritual resistance and lead them right into danger, rape, and humiliation. Experimenting with different combinations is fun, and the…ahem…rewards change depending what part of the dungeon the girl is in and how far her faith has fallen. Solving puzzles and properly manipulating your trap combos can lead to dramatic endings—see if you can get them all for both heroines!

I had the pleasure of working on this translation with Quof; the two of us did quite a bit of testing to make sure that our descriptions of each trap were on point. Dungeon of Corruption has quite an extensive glossary of monsters, torture implements, and traps—plenty of nasty tools and toys for you to use in order to turn these strong-willed heroines into your pliable playthings.

Dungeon of Corruption loves common dungeon-crawling and RPG tropes, so expect to see classical beasts such as Ogres, Mimics, and Slimes…but also body modification, torture, and more. The more the Apostle’s faith is damaged, The possibilities are as vast as the catacombs within the Dungeon of Trials.

Dungeon of Corruption: Trials of the Female Knights will be available on June 2nd from MangaGamer! Are you ready to step into the unknown and test these Apostles’ bodies and minds?

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