Sorcery Jokers: Asahi and Riku

Today we would like to introduce Asahi and Riku from Sorcery Jokers!


Among the highly talented students attending the same elite academy, Asahi is known as something of a peculiar girl.

She thinks about things a bit differently from others, and in the kind of moment where everyone agrees on walking in the same direction, she’s the type who would strike out on her own. She also always carries a mysterious diary around.

Asahi is a strong-minded girl whose eyes betray a deep honesty, which you can see in what might be her cutest artwork, shown here. The truth behind her mysterious diary is a spoiler, so we won’t be able to say much about it, but the destiny that awaits her isn’t an easy one. She greatly develops as a character after meeting Haruto, and in a way that’ll surely move your heart.

Although she might be a little short, her unique mannerisms and way of speaking will definitely be a pleasure to read/hear.  Enjoy this strange yet heartwarming breath of fresh air!


Riku is an underclassman of Haruto and Asahi, and attends the same academy they do.

When she’s standing all alone without changing her expression in the least, people usually get the wrong idea about her. In that sense, she might be similar to Asahi, who scares off people without realizing it.

However, Riku is the daughter of the president of ATORI, one of this magical world’s mega-corporations! In addition to her schoolwork, she helps out at her father’s company.  While I can’t say exactly what she does there…  I’ll just say it’s something not normal!

Her relationship with Akeno, a person of authority at ATORI, seems to be more than just one of colleagues. Even though their personalities are quite the opposite of each other, it’s interesting to see how they get along just the same. ATORI is a company which grew rapidly as magic became known to society. It’s no surprise if she might know some secrets that the general public isn’t aware of, right?

Although Riku always makes it look like she’s not interested in anything, she’s an all-rounded character who remains composed no matter the situation.

Sorcery Jokers goes on sale this Friday! Pre-order right now on or grab it on release on Steam (all ages with an optional free patch)!

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