Sorcery Jokers: Haruto and Fiona

Today we would like to introduce Haruto and Fiona from Sorcery Jokers!


The third member of the academy trio, Haruto has a strong sense of justice (perhaps because of the influence of his father, a detective) and won’t give up on doing the right thing, no matter what.  He’s not very pushy in terms of personality, so he’s a good-looking young man at first glance.

At home, his little sister cooks him dinner, but Haruto actually excels at housework, and is a good cook himself.  Even if his repertoire is somewhat limited, a man who can cook can be very popular among the ladies… and indeed Haruto’s skills are cherished by Asahi and Riku!

As the archetypal protagonist, Haruto develops in both power and personality over the course of the story. Although he does develop the most out of any of the character, it’s only after he experiences many good and terrible things, after he experiences many hardships, that he’s able to move forward on his own at the end.

Haruto’s choices influences those around him as well, and he becomes close with Asahi and Riku, forming a trio who have quite the interesting chemistry.  His best friend Akatsuki is another important person in his life.

Although they might seem like a group of social elites, different from Senri’s OutCast group, who would ever have thought they’d turn out to be a pack of airheads? But that’s what Haruto’s route is all about!


There are people with low magic aptitude, and were unable to adapt to magic society as a result. They were discriminated against over talents they never even had, and couldn’t simply be made up for by training.

In such an era of change, Sister Fiona was like a flower who eased the minds of those who visited the church. While she initially might look quiet and kind, she’s actually cheerful and energetic, and in addition to having the kind of body and personality that men love, she practically exudes the scent of compassion.

For those who were left behind by the way of the world, the church acted as a place of relief. But then Father Gaimon spoke out: “Because of magic, people lost their faith! That’s why we are poor!” For you see, during a revolution, the way people think changes as well. With the sudden appearance of magic, people who can use that kind of almighty power become convinced that they can perform miracles. As magic society welcomes talented magic users, the benefits those with talent attain become much more real than those gained from going to church.

Fiona says a number of interesting things based on the 5-7-5 rhythm of Japanese haiku poems.  With her bright and innocent personality, she might seem like a preschool teacher, but her smile is heartwarming just the same.

Although it appears as though Fiona might not have any battle scenes, that’s not true at all.

In the latter part of the story, she… well, play the game to find out!


Sorcery Jokers goes on sale this Friday! Pre-order right now on or grab it on release on Steam (all ages with an optional free patch)!

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