2017 in Review

It’s 2018 already! How did that happen? Why don’t we take a moment at the beginning of this new year to reflect on the year that just ended––

We released another 15 games this year, including our first 18+ otome title, the second half of Umineko, and sequels to two extremely popular MOONSTONE games, and announced 17 more. We brought more wonderful guests to Anime Expo, like Itaru Hinoue who we’re working with to create an all-new game. We ended the year with successful Humble Bundle where we raised money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

Now, onto what you’re all really here for––the top 10 of the year (*note: none of these rankings include bundle sales):

MangaGamer.com 1st Party 2017 Top 10

  1. Princess Evangile W Happiness
  2. Rance VI + 5D
  3. Da Capo 3 X-Rated
  4. Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome
  5. Kuroinu Chapter 1
  6. Dal Segno
  7. Imouto Paradise 2
  8. Imouto Paradise
  9. Princess Evangile
  10. EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games

Steam 2017 Top 10

  1. Higurashi Series (chapters 1-5 combined)
  2. eden*
  3. A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met
  4. Go! Go! Nippon!
  5. Umineko Series (both halves combined)
  6. Kindred Spirits on the Roof
  7. The House in Fata Morgana
  8. OZMAFIA!!
  9. Umineko: Golden Fantasia
  10. Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

MOONSTONE dominates again with all four of their titles in the top 10. EROGE! is hanging on making an appearance in the top 10 for the fifth year in a row. Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome made a strong showing, taking the #4 slot on our store and making it to the top 10 of our Steam sellers this year. And speaking of Steam, the top 10 has shifted around a little bit but remains pretty consistent overall (note: Higurashi has been collected as one because otherwise individual chapters would take up half the top 10 and that wouldn’t be very interesting to look at).

MangaGamer.com 3rd Party 2017 Top 5

  1. Huniepop
  2. School Idol QT Cool
  3. Mutiny!!
  4. eroico
  5. Lust of the Apartment Wives (tie) Galaxy Girls

And on the 3rd party side, surprising no one I’m sure, Huniepop continues to be the reigning champ of 3rd party. Will any other title ever be able to take the crown?

Well, that’s it for 2017! Were there any releases from this past year that you particularly enjoyed? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be back next week with our annual licensing survey so get your suggestions ready~

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  1. Unbelievable! Rance… was beaten.
    Please hurry up with Quest! The sooner Quest is out, the sooner we get to IX!

    • Only because English Rance 5D+VI was released in 2016 not 2017

      • It’s hard to guess if Rance would have beaten W Happiness with its December sales, especially with how hyped W Happiness was, but I think it is possible.

        It’s a bit weird to see that the first nukige on the top 10 list being 5th place, unless you count Rance as a nukige. Da Capo 3 being up so high is also weird. RIP Ultimate Boob Wars.

        • IIRC Rance took 4th spot last year with only a week of sales, so I’m pretty sure those sale numbers are large.

          • Yeah, though it did have 3 weeks of preorder too. In comparison, Imopara 2 came out at a similar date (and a longer preorder period IIRC) but only landed 8th (with the support of a well-loved prequel too). It’s still impresive, but Rance is more so.

        • Um how in the heck would you count Rance as a Nukigie that is ridiculous. Yes it has hentai aspects but it also has actual gameplay and story. If that is the definition that you are using then all hentai games are Nukigie in which case I would wonder what you are doing at this site…

    • Not everyone is a fan of the brutish nature of the rance games.

  2. Glad to see ImoPara 2 doing so well, despite only being out for a month or so. Here’s to ImoPara 3.

  3. How was there a tie in sales of anything? That’s amazing in a way… Anyway, Moonstone is too strong, please nerf. I mean seriously if Moonstone had ten games out I bet the top ten would be at least 8 Moostone titles.

    At least the top five of last year is stuff that came out last year/ tale end of the previous year and not just the popular nukige with a token new title or two.

    • This year’s top 10 may be Alicesoft heavy with Evenicle and Sengoku Rance likely to be released this year. Definitely so if RQ also releases, but I kind of doubt that will happen this year. Rance VI seems likely enough to be in the lower five this year since it was fourth the year it released and second this year, but who knows.

  4. Gosh I wanted to say Rance Vl but that was released in 2016 so it has to be Fashioning Little Lonesome was a enjoyable 18+ otome that I particularly enjoyed for last year.

  5. Sukisuki fucking when?

  6. IIRC Rance took 4th spot last year with only a week of sales, so I’m pretty sure those sale numbers are large.

  7. I’m really happy to see how well all the MOONSTONE titles did. They are my favorite company that MangaGamer partners with. I’ve really enjoyed all four titles and I can’t wait for Magical Marriage Lunatics and hopefully Imouto Paradise 3 in the future.

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  9. Imouto Paradise 2 hadn’t even been out for two weeks and it placed in the top ten. The first Imouto Paradise came out in 2014, and it also placed in the top ten. For 2017.

    I think Imouto Paradise 3 is a no-brainer. I’m actually wondering what other Moonstone titles they’re going to announce soon, because clearly it’s working out well for them.

  10. Hoping to see more games from Waffle, and not just the KF series (though I do hope to see more of that too), the Maki-chan/To Now series would be nice or heck why not Mankitsu Happening as that one’s written by the writer for eroge!, which is still a big seller (another reason to license Ero Goods from clock up).

  11. will be waiting for Magical Marriage Lunatics and Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki” tte Itte! .

  12. The anime adaption of Mankitsu Happening is also the highest ranked hentai on MAL and is one of the most watched series on HH. Most watched of them is episode 2 with 8 mill views while the least watched is episode 3 with 4,8 mill views. Pretty sure that would help the sales.

  13. Pretty the one who will finally beat HuniePop will be HuniePop 2 xD

  14. It’s almost time.


    When the time comes and the licensing survey drops, all of us need to contact ALL of our friends/contacts/associates and ask them to ask Mangagamer for a partnership with Lune.

    Tell them to tell Mangagamer to license Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e/ ようこそ! スケベエルフの森へ https://vndb.org/v20464

    and/or tell them to tell Mangagamer to license some of Lune’s older titles as well.

    Aku no Onna Kanbu 1 is actually a pretty good VN to license as well.

    • Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e is one of the ones I’ll be putting in the licensing survey. I like quite a few of the tags for the game on vndb.

      • Gonna be asking for Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia as first choice. Considering how Mangagamer’s was spawned from Nexton and how they’ve done translations for a few of Nexton’s subsidiaries (Liquid, Baseson) a partnership with Lusterise could be possible.

        Second choice will be Choukou Tenshi Escalayer Reboot. Considering their partnership with Alicesoft and their translation of Choukou Sennin Haruka there might be a chance here.

        I was gonna put Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 as my third choice due to MG’s partnership with Waffle but I might swap it out for Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e since I heard good things about it and a fair amount of people seem to want it.

        • I plan to vote for Escalayer too, but I’m going to put it down as the Beat series since Ixseal seems interesting too.

          Other than that, I plan to vote for Otome Domain since I’ve heard that’s a good galge with a trap protagonist (and because MG doesn’t seem like it’s partnered with Caramel Box anymore). I’m not sure on my last title though. Maybe Oyako Rankan for the heck of it.

  15. Congrats on a year of good new games – and now pleeeeeease do everything to release Hapymaher, Forbidden Place and most of all Bokuten soon!

  16. I still request the license of Underlip games, particularly the ones by Hajime Kotobuki.
    Kotobuki’s clean, distinctive art style and earthy palettes are still underappreciated.

  17. Please give me more rance games I BUY ALL YOUR GAMES!

  18. Glad to see rance did well but wish Euphoria had done better – I hope it sold well. These are the type of games I hope you do more of.

  19. Eroge! ~Sex and Games Make Sexy Games~, seems to consistently do well so when are we going to hear any annoucements for the other games in that series like Ero Manga! or Ero Goods!

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