Sorcery Jokers: Noah and Senri

Today we would like to introduce Senri and Noah from Sorcery Jokers!


A lone wolf outlaw… that might be the perfect way to describe Senri, a cool and powerful dark hero. Although I say ‘dark’, he’s not a bad person, but he often does things that are questionable for a typical protagonist. Prioritizing his goals before anything else, he sometimes uses people, while sometimes fighting alongside them – Senri is that kind of character.

He has a lot of action scenes, and is good at using firearms on top of magic. It kind of makes you wonder who the heck he is! Senri is cool and clever, and fights by thinking several steps ahead of his opponents. The flashy way he uses his magic will make you envy him, I’m sure!

However, Senri doesn’t have much of a head for romance, so even though the most appealing girls in this game (like Sister Fiona and Noah) are clearly attracted to him, he doesn’t do anything about it. Why!?

In the OutCast community, he has connections to Ageha and Mikihisa, the kind of people who are unable to get a proper job.  Since the relationships Senri has are almost polar opposite of Haruto’s group, it’s almost like looking at the story from another side.

It is fun to follow how the story unfolds alongside Fiona and Ageha, the two characters he spends the most time with. In the character poll we held when we released the game in Japan, Senri was as popular as the girls. (It’s a rare thing for a male character to be that popular in Japan!)  We hope you enjoy every moment you spend with Senri, a man who may even make guys fall in love with him.


Is she human, or not? Noah first appears in the story in quite a mysterious way.

She might get in trouble if she walked around in the streets wearing that, don’t you think? She actually has the biggest cup size in all of Sorcery Jokers!

Although Noah doesn’t have much of a role at the beginning of the story due to her position of mystery, after a certain scene, she becomes involved with Senri. Because of the fragile aura she exudes, she makes a quite different addition to Senri’s company compared to Fiona.

Although it’s difficult to comment on Noah due to spoilers, but let me just say that she develops alongside Senri, she’s like a mirror that reflects this world, and she exists because of magic society itself.

It may come as a surprise, but once she finally starts talking, she speaks in a rather funny way, so please look forward to that as well.

Sorcery Jokers goes on sale this Friday! Pre-order right now on or grab it on release on Steam (all ages with an optional free patch)!

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