Sorcery Jokers Now On Sale!

Sorcery Jokers is now on sale on and will be coming to Steam in a few hours. To Celebrate the release, we have a special comment from its creator!

Hello! My name is KEN-ZO, and I’m the executive director of 3rdEye, a Japanese game developer.


This will be our first time releasing a game in English for the fans overseas, and I’m very curious about how people in English-speaking countries feel about the chuuni genre that we specialize in.


In Sorcery Jokers, where the story focuses on romance, battles, suspense, and human drama, we brought in the element of magic being the key point that determines the fate of different characters.


In a society where magic is a common thing, there are students with high magic aptitude such as Haruto, Asahi, and Riku, those who have low magic aptitude and live as OutCasts such as Senri, and those government officials who keep everything running smoothly. We have taken great care in writing the drama between these characters, so I hope you can enjoy the depth of the story as well as the exciting magic battles.


I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!


Please enjoy the chuuni world presented by 3rd Eye!












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  1. What is going on with the Steam version?

    It’s been 15 hours since this announcement, which is quite a bit more than “a few hours” and yet it is still not on sale.

    Is there something that has caused a delay? If so when will it actually be put up on Steam?

    • Take a look, it’s out right now. Looks like it probably came out just an hour or two after you posted this comment.

      • Yeah I can see that it is up now. I was just a bit worried since Steam releases tend to happen shortly after the MG release. So the 15+ hour delay was a bit unexpected.

        Thank you for notifying me that its online now.

  2. That delay is not that uncommon, actually. Mangagamer releases the games at midnight Eastern time. The games don’t release on Steam until sometime in the afternoon.

    • Alright, I must have misremembered then as I for some reason though the steam release was normally only 2 or 3 hours delayed from the MG release.

      Thanks for that info, that will come in handy the next time I’m waiting for a steam release. Having to wait some extra hours is not that big a deal, my bigger worry was that it had gotten delayed for some technical reason or something like that.

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