Sweet Switch Tester’s Corner #1

Today on the blog, we have a tester’s corner from Kitty-tama!

Hello everyone, Kitty-tama here yet again! Ammolite is one of my favorite nukige brands, so I was eager to test Sweet Switch. It was everything I hoped it would be and even a little more. With not one, but two, heroines and a focus on more mature heroines than the likes of Sweet Sweat in Summer and Sweet Young Bride, my experience with Sweet Switch was quite refreshing and satisfying.

What if all it took to make women want you was to simply look them in the eye? This is the idea of the basic concept of Sweet Switch. It’s simple, but also erotic in its execution. But there’s a little twist to the concept as well. The word “switch” in the title is a part of this concept: when the heroines get glared at, not only do they get aroused, but their personalities also switch! The usually uptight Sara becomes eager to jump on Ryuuichi, and the always shy and nervous Fumino becomes quite assertive and dominant. I haven’t seen this as often in eroge, and it was exciting seeing the changes in the heroines. It’d be awesome to see more eroge like this in the West!

There is a plot, albeit a pretty simplistic one. Ryuuichi has a frustrating predicament: he can’t enjoy a normal school life because his glare scares people. He isn’t a mean person, but nobody knows this because they never give him a chance. Even the teachers of the school believe him to be a delinquent. One day, the student council president, Sara, asks Ryuuichi to go to the student council room with her. Almost immediately, she can’t control herself and has her way with him then and there. It turns out when others look at Sara, she gets turned on. Eventually the shy upperclassman, Fumino, gets involved and Ryuuichi’s school days wind up being anything but ordinary.

My most favorite aspect of Sweet Switch is by far the art. I love how Noa Ichikawa draws loli heroines, but seeing the more mature, busty heroines of Sweet Switch was a treat. For a lower-priced game like this, the art quality is honestly impressive! The coloring is vibrant but warm at the same time. It gives off a softness of sorts which is pleasing to the eye. As a result, the H-scene CGs ooze eroticism. If art is a determining factor when you purchase eroge and you don’t mind things on the smutty side, this game is a must-have.

The voice acting is also wonderful. Miya Serizono (Sara’s VA) and Saya Minami (Fumino’s VA) brought their respective heroines to life.  While the heroines aren’t deep, they were cute and likeable, and the voice acting added to that. Also, this game has background moan and blowjob sound loops! They make the scenes feel more immersive and enjoyable.

Sweet Switch serves its purpose as a short nukige well.  It gets right to the point and the non-erotic scenes are brief enough that they don’t take up much time between the erotic scenes, making it a satisfying experience if you don’t like a long wait between such scenes. I’m fond of Ammolite games for their higher quality despite the lower price tag, and this game is no exception to that. I loved Sweet Switch and highly recommend it. Until next time!

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