If You Love Me, Then Say So – Director’s Comments Part 1

With our release of Chuablesoft’s If You Love Me, Then Say So! on the horizon, we’re excited to bring you all the first part of some exclusive comments from the director, Yoshi Kusakabe!

What are “galge”? Games where you romance 2D women! We make and play these games because we want to romance, date, hug, and smooch 2D women! Given that, it would make sense for these stories to start with the characters being lovers already, yet hardly any galge do that. They mostly begin with the characters as friends. Why? Well, because the romance starts before the characters are lovers!

“This girl’s my type. I want to date her. How can I become her boyfriend?”–Those emotions are enjoyable, too! It’s when those feelings build up, threatening to overflow, that a confession is made. The confession is the turning point that changes their relationship from friends to lovers. Once could even say it’s the greatest climax in romance. So we wanted to heighten that crucial moment even more–and that idea is what lead to this title, If You Love Me, Then Say So.

In this game, you can’t become lovers with the girl just by clicking the mouse button. You, as the player, have to first steel your resolve to confess to her before you can become lovers, and your confession isn’t guaranteed to succeed either. If she doesn’t like you very much, she could even reject you. Still, we wanted you to be able to make that choice to confess. As the creator of this title, nothing would please me more than knowing that you were able to enjoy the excitement of confessing to the girl you like.

ギャルゲーって何だ? 二次元の女の子と恋愛するゲームだ! 俺たちは二次元の女の子との恋愛を楽しみたいんだ! デートしてハグしてチュッチュしたいのだ! でも、だったら女の子と最初から恋人同士で物語が始まってもいいのに、ほとんどのギャルゲーがそうじゃない。ただのお友達から始まってる。なぜか? そりゃ、恋人同士になる前から恋愛が始まってるからさ!

「この子が好みだ。この子と付き合いたい。どうやったら付き合えるようになる?」って気持ちが心地いいからさ! そして、その気持ちが溜まりに溜まって爆発するのが……そう、告白だ。告白は、彼女が友達から恋人へと変わるターニングポイント。恋愛最大の山場だと言っていい。その山場をさらに盛りあげたい――そんな考えから生まれたのが本作『好き好き』である。


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  1. Gonna buy for sure if you ever release it on Steam.

    • A R18 VN with school setting? That would be insta-banned on Steam. Forget about it.

      • Not really. Steam has adult content now.

        • Recently, Steam has been ban happy when it comes to VNs with high school like settings, even all age versions (Hello; Goodbye got delisted as an example).

          Fantasy titles seem to get away scot-free though, which is bizarre. The stuff in Evenicle is probably way worse than the school setting VNs that got banned, though I’ve only played Imolicious.

  2. I always enjoy the blog posts with staff comments. It is really a nice treat to hear from the creators.

  3. A real shame about Chuablesoft’s fate, I already pre-ordered my copy mostly for Mahiru and the wonderful art.

  4. Already bought the game. i wish people would just buy from manga gamer site cause STEAM been going ban hammer lately on VN titles that don’t fit their agenda or at least the agenda by people behind the scene at Valve.

  5. when translation gonna update ? when rance quest finish ? alrdy 2 months no news

  6. Okay, but why are their breasts so disgustingly large? And when they’re not, it’s on the other extreme. It’s actually turning me off quite bit, I wish more games would have a more modest view on breast sizes.

    • The cute art and huge boobs are exactly the reason why I’m really excited for this one lol. Different strokes for different folks, right?

      • For sure, but this is an issue to me with many eroge in general. It just feels oddly proportionate and makes the whole thing feel less grounded in reality than it already is. I just find it more attractive with breasts that doesn’t look like they’d eventually break your spine.

        I’m playing Hatsukoi 1/1 right now and am pretty annoyed that the girl with the smallest bust has a whopping 82 while the remaining four sport sizes up to 90. Clearly some people like yourself find that enjoyable but to me it has the opposite effect. I always preferred going into these type of games blind but lately I find that hard to do since seeing E+-cups on everyone disappoints me like nothing else.

  7. Love the art style and huge boobs on the girls here, very excited for this to release soon!

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