MangaGamer Winter Sale!

We’re hosting a Winter Sale and a number of our titles are discounted for the occasion! Get up to 70% off select titles from December 10th – December 26th!

Beat Blades Haruka
$34.95 $19.22

Sweet Sweat in Summer
$14.95 $8.97

Sweet Young Bride
$14.95 $8.97

Please Bang My Wife
$19.95 $9.98

Koihime Musou
$44.95 $22.48

Harukoi Otome
$49.95 $19.98

$44.95 $22.48

Da Capo
$29.95 $14.98

Suika A.S.+
$22.95 $11.98

Kotori Love Ex P
$34.95 $13.98

$44.95 $22.48

Sisterly Bliss
$24.95 $17.47

Valkyrie Svia
$24.95 $12.48

Space Pirate Sara
$24.95 $12.48

Kuroinu Ch. 1
$24.95 $12.48

Kuroinu Ch. 2
$24.95 $16.22

Kuroinu Ch. 3
$24.95 $18.71

ef – the latter tale.
$34.95 $17.48

Imouto Paradise 2
$44.95 $31.47

Free Friends
$24.95 $14.97

Demon Master Chris
$16.95 $8.48

Orion Heart
$24.95 $12.48

$44.95 $33.71

Shera, My Witch
$24.95 $12.48

Cosplay Alien
$19.95 $9.98

We Love Master
$29.95 $14.98

Magical Teacher
$24.95 $12.98

Boob Wars
$24.95 $7.49

Cum On! Bukkake Ranch!
$24.95 $12.48

Guilty the SiN
$29.95 $8.99

Harem Party
$24.95 $12.48

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  1. Discounting the second ef game but not the first? Oof.

  2. Kinda lucky sony started going Soyny at this point, now i can just buy all the Ero-VN on sale I almost own the entirety of manga Gamer Catalogue. I will be excluding the mosaic games cause i just can’t support that.

  3. Since Kuroinu is completed, I’d love to see it being one game again. 😀 It was split into three games because of the translation length to begin with.

    • I’m all for that. Hence why i sent them a mail about the improved version that released in japan last month, it includes new scene’s, I also hope they would keep an eye out for the 2nd game which releases this month in japan.

  4. Thank you very much for putting Funbag Fantasy – Sideboob Story on sale, bought it a few seconds ago. I sincerely hope that the Funbag Fantasy train won’t stop anytime soon and that Sideboob Story 2 and Sideboob Story 2 After get translated too.

  5. I’m still waiting on some older releases to get a discount.
    Nice list sadly for me I’ve already purchased all of those.

    • It’s annoying going though the game library under My Account on MangaGamer but, after going though it several times I noticed that I didn’t purchase Shera, My Witch.
      I either missed it during the Winter sale last year or it wasn’t on sale at that time.

      Wish I could add/move some of these games to Steam like Tokyo Babel, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, etc.. Since the game library on MangaGamer is not user friendly.

      Navel games aren’t on sale? I regret not getting Shuffle! before it was removed, but kept forgetting to get it when it was on sale.
      One Tarte game Which girl should I choose (Hinatabokko) although it may not work on windows 10?
      One AmeNoMurakumo game Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse (Hitozuma Nurse no Inraku Karte).
      Interested in a few others as well but those are low priority compared to the ones above.

      • Just a heads up, I hear the translation on Hinatabokko is extremely rough. It’s early MangaGamer, before they got their quality standards to where they are now.

        • Thanks for the heads up.
          I heard that too but since it’s early work it’s to be expected. It’s probably still better than some/several “Official” releases I’ve read from other publishers.

  6. Please don’t randomly post pics of Yuuko. Everytime I see her, I remember her route and get depressed…

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