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We’re here today with a translator’s corner from DS55!

Hi everyone! Guess it’s time for another release from our friends over at minori, huh? Did you all enjoy Supipara Chapter 1 and Chapter 2? Well, we have a pretty different type of minori title for you today, TRINOLINE!


Kagami Island

On Kagami Island, androids are practically a household commodity. They can do chores, babysit children, do all of a household’s shopping, and more. One day, our main character, Shun, walks to school when he hears the familiar melody of a piano playing out of the music room. When he peeks inside, a sight he never could have expected awaits him… A girl who looks like the spitting image of his dead sister, Shirone, whom died when they were still kids–if she were fully grown, that is–is sitting there playing the piano, alongside a scientist and friend of his, Sara, whom he hasn’t seen in many years.

SHIRONE on Piano

Sara has spent the time since they last met studying androids and perfecting a new AI system which gives androids the same level of autonomy and independent thought as full-fledged human beings. Combined with a system which allows scanning and archiving of human brains, she has brought Shun’s sister effectively back from the dead. This is where our story starts…


This title was initially announced for English release at Anime Boston 2017, mere days before it’s Japanese release, by myself and the editor for this title, Kaitsu. It’s definitely an exciting time, being able to announce titles for overseas release so close to their initial Japanese launches! Although localization didn’t go quite as quickly as initially hoped, we’ve made it through now, and it’s finally time for the game to come out!

Yuuri Smiling

TRINOLINE was developed with the tastes of all of minori’s fans worldwide in mind following the success of eden*. Like most minori titles, there is an emphasis on love and relationships this time around, but with definite twists centered around technology. Is an android with the memories of your sister still your sister? Your family? Something more? What if you fell in love with an android and the person it is modeled after at the same time? Would that be normal, perhaps even expected, or would that be a betrayal? Could an android stand in for, or even replace, the people you care about? Anyone who enjoys sci-fi, combined with minori’s staple romantic drama with a touch of comedy laced in between, should enjoy this one quite a bit!

Sara Smiling

With all of that said, TRINOLINE is a fun ride, and one I’ve been hoping to share with you all for some time. I hope you all enjoy it!

Feel free to tag me on Twitter as you play through–you can find me at DS55_–seeing people enjoy the game in real-time is a nice treat! Hopefully I’ll see you all again down the line for yet another minori release. Just because minori ended production doesn’t mean we can’t bring their expansive backlog over! At least, that’s my hope. Let MG know which minori titles you want most in the comments!

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  1. I’ve heard very good things about Soreyori no Prologue so among the minori titles I am probably most excited for that one. Excluding Trinoline, of course, hopefully it’s on a comparable level to Eden which I definitely enjoyed!

    Thank you for your work!

    PS: there’s a small mistake in the article as the localization of Trinoline has been announced at Anime Boston 2017.

  2. Executive Produce

    Since MangaGamer is asking what other minori titles we’d be interested in seeing be brought over, I’m going to second the Soreyori no Prologue suggestion. It seems really interesting and pretty well received from what I’ve read.

  3. It really is a crying shame that they’re closing, their work was always gushing with quality and bursting with spirit. You could tell they put their hearts into it. I hope I can play this game without a tinge of sadness for what’s been lost.

  4. Well how about Natsuzora no Perseus? The premise looks very interesting! Can’t wait for trinoline, I’m counting down the hours.

  5. How about Natsuzora no Perseus? The premise is really interesting! I’ll hope for a release one day 🙂

  6. How about Natsuzora no Perseus? the premise looks really interesting! Hope MG picks it up in the future, love minori titles.

  7. Thanks! Narsuzora no Perseus please!!

  8. Narsuzora no Perseus please!!

  9. I have also heard great things about Soreyori no Prologue so I’m gonna pray you pick that up aswell.

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