Moe Day Sale and Some New Additions to Steam!

Happy Moeday friends! October 10th is Moeday because if you look at the kanji for “moe” 萌え it looks an awful lot like it’s made up of the characters for the date 十月十日 or 10/10. Fun, huh? To celebrate we have a sale going on all week with a selection of titles to appeal to a variety of types of moe! Check it out here!

But that’s not it! We have something a little extra special this year: three additions to our Steam catalogue––Plus+MOSAIC DLC for eden*, (free) adult DLC for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, and Alicesoft’s Evenicle fully uncut! Continue reading

The House in Fata Morgana Live in Osaka Now Available + Special Sale!

In 2017, the team behind The House in Fata Morgana held a concert and panel discussion event in Osaka, Japan called “The Live in Fata Morgana,” and this is a complete recording of that event. Enjoy some of the most memorable and heart-wrenching songs from the series performed live, as well as an in-depth discussion with Keika Hanada and Moyataro about Fata Morgana and Novectacle’s past, present, and future.

The concert is presented in 4K video with high-quality audio and English subtitles. You can pick it up right now on Steam!

But that’s not all! Continue reading

Black Friday Hardcopy Sale!


Looking to stock up on some physical copies of visual novels for the holidays (or perhaps a gift for a friend?)––well, we’ve got just the thing! We’re putting all of our hardcopies on sale for Black Friday! The sale will be live through December 3rd! If you’re more interested in digital games, check out our selection of titles on Steam (also price-matched on our site!) or keep your eyes peeled on Monday for something a bit “flashy.”


Beat Blades Haruka (Limited Edition)
$39.95 $33.96


Beat Blades Haruka Wallscroll Bundle
$64.95 $55.21


$44.95 $33.71


euphoria Wallscroll
$29.95 $22.46


Kara no Shojo
$39.95 $23.97


Kara no Shojo The Second Episode (Limited Edition)
$44.95 $35.96


Koihime Musou
$44.95 $29.22


$19.95 $12.97


Imouto Paradise
$44.95 $33.71


Free Friends
$24.95 $19.96


Valkyrie Svia
$24.95 $14.97


Armored Warrior Iris
$24.95 $14.97


Demon Master Chris
$16.95 $11.87


$39.95 $23.97


Cho Dengeki Stryker
$49.95 $39.96


Boob Wars
$24.95 $14.97


Ultimate Boob Wars
$44.95 $29.22


Cum on! Bukkake Ranch! 
$24.95 $14.97


Harem Party
$34.95 $19.22

White Day Day Sale!


Join us in celebrating White Day! For those unfamiliar with the holiday, White Day is celebrated in Japan as a sort of complement to Valentine’s Day. In Japan, on Valentine’s women give gifts to men and then a month later on White Day the men return the favor––since you were all so generous to us when we ran into some trouble over Valentine’s we thought we’d do something to return the favor for White Day!

So! We’ve put some of our best romance-themed titles on sale just for the occasion. Let us know how you’re going to be spending White Day on Twitter with the #WhiteDay hashtag or check out the sale page to find a suggestion for who to spend White Day with!

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